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dropped my cell phone in water?

I dropped it in water 3 days ago. Later that night it worked fine now the past two days only the power button works, the phone starts up fine graphics look great backround looks great it takes incoming calls but i cant press any other buttons but the power button so i cant get them. the dot on the back(that is pink or red when exposed to water) is still you think because the dot is still white i could possibly be covered under the warrantee?? thanks

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    If the watermark on the back is fine, and they can't tell you dropped it in water... the warranty covers it!

    That's what happened to me, I got the front of my phone wet, but not the inside... When it was malfunctioning, I took it to get it checked and the first thing they did was open the back to see if the watermark was pink/red. They saw that it wasn't and I got my phone replaced for free under the warranty! =) As long as they can't prove you dropped it in water, it's completely fine.

    Hope this helps =)

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    Doesn't sound like its totally destroyed seeing how you can get some function out of it. As far as warranty goes you're out of luck. No one covers water damage and whether the dot is white or not, they will know when they open it up.

    Put the phone in a bowl and cover it totally with some uncooked rice. The rice will absorb all water and humidity inside the phone. Leave it in there a couple of days and try it.

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    i suggest u remove the battery the sim and the cover and keep it under heavy sunlight for a few hours ... the warrenty wont cover physical damages if u take the phone to em they will probably find out that u dropped it on water ... so if the steps mentioned wont work u should take the phone to a mobile shop (not to the place where u brought it) and ask em to fix the keypad or the buttons , u may have to pay em . but if they can fix it i guess its ok to pay em .

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    The best thing to do is take it apart and leave it alone. Take the cover off, the batter cover off, the battery out, the SIM card out and just let it dry. DON'T TURN IT ON! The myth is that water kills electronics. FALSE. The truth is that water kills electronics that are on, or are turned on while they are wet. 90% of the time electronics will continue to work if you let them dry out really well.

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    Have you taken the battery out and let it sit overnight to dry out? I know that airing out will help. If that does not work and the dot is still white, you should be covered in your warranty. Good Luck

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    You should have opened it all up and lauyed the bits separatly to dry off. i dont think that it will be covered on the warrenty but i would see the people in the shop you got it from and explain that it just went likee that (dont tell them about the whole water accedent) you might get your money back!!

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    I recently dropped my phone in water.

    Took out the battery and let the phone completely dry.

    It took a few days.

    Nothing worked again until it completely dried.

    Separate the battery from the phone and let everything dry out before trying to use it.

    Good Luck!!!

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    in the beginning, if this ever happens back, at recent get it out of the water and get rid of the battery and don't placed it back till the telephone is dry. in case you run cutting-edge in the process the telephone after it is moist, you're extra possibly to fry the telephone. i know it is not uncomplicated to stand as much as the temptation to work out in the adventure that your telephone will capability on after its gotten moist, yet its superb to teach it on basically after its dry. With that being pronounced, take the telephone aside as much as a threat, meaning take the battery out of the telephone, get rid of the back door (if suited) and dry the telephone off with a towel. Then placed all the areas in a zipper-acceptable bag with dry rice in it. The dry rice will help pull the moisture out of the telephone. depart it interior the bag a pair of days. Reassemble the telephone and attempt to capability it on. I hate to declare it, yet maximum possibly your telephone won't function outstanding, yet optimistically you will get it to capability up so which you will get the telephone numbers out. I even have been fixing cellular telephones for a protracted time and oftentimes while they start continuously vibrating and don't capability on all the way (won't bypass to the main important show) they're goners. in case you have a reliable 0.33-party broking that has a tech on team and notice in the event that they're going to sparkling the telephone out. company shops frequently won't try this for you by using criminal duty, yet 0.33 party sellers don't have the comparable strict policies to persist with.

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    try taking apart the phone (take out the battery and sim card) and use a hair dryer and blow it on the phone battery and sim card to dry everything out. leave it apart for a few hours for all of the individual parts to dry out

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    well, warrantee doesn't work if u dropped it in water, sorry.

    but for next time: wen u drop ur cell in water, u have to put it on front on a towel. =]

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