Are Diabetics covered by the 1996 disability to work act?

Does the Employer have to make changes?

Where can you find the information on the Disability act?

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    Diabetes is recognised as a disability in the workplace. Your employer must make reasonable adjustments to working practices. Remember that type 1 diabetics must inject themselves up to 5 times a day and eat food at certain times during the day. These timings are crucial for management of the illness. They can also occasionally suffer a 'hypo' which means that they need to sit down for ten minutes and have a sweet drink, otherwise they'll end up in an ambulance.

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    No- you have a medical condition and assuming that you have not become blind or had a limb amputated due to poor management of your diabetes when you can then be described as being disabled, - you work as per the rest of us. Info can be found on the goverments websites. In the UK even if your diabetes is managed by diet alone you get free prescriptions-be grateful for that. All reasonable employers if told will make allowance for time to take medication and do blood tests and of course medical appointments but there is no need to take advantage.

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    In certain ways diabetics are covered by the disability act.

    School children must be allowed to test glucose and take their meds as Rx'd by the doctors, and eat a low carb meal plan and have snacks even if it isn't the school lunch policy. They are usually taken from the classroom for these proceedures.

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    Diabetes can be a qualifying condition for the Americans with Disabilities Act. It requires documentation from health care providers to the employer. Employers are required to provide "reasonable accommodations" for the employees disability. This can mean frequent meal breaks or time out to take insulin or days off for doctor's visits. Check out this web site for more information.

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    Yes diabetics are covered at work, the job can not prevent you from taking care of a chronic health condition like diabetes.

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    Diabetics are not disabled

    The have a condition which is manageable either by diet

    and/or medication

    They work just like everyone else

    What changes should employers make, I'm confused

    My boss is a diabetic and is healthier than the rest of us

    she is never absent from work,

    and rarely catches any of the common infections

    which the rest of us seem to get

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    hey, I saw a advert on TV last night about the disability act saying that your employer should make changes for you if you're diabetic if you need them.

    The 'actor' said that his employer gives him time outs to manage his blood sugar, but he did work on a building site. haha

    here's a website on it:


    i'm a diabetic and telling my boss about the diabetes made it easier for me to arrange hospital appointment etc, but your employer has to make some responsible adjustments

    hope that helps abit :)

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