Pain in my upper left side of my back?

Im having awful pains in the upper left side of my back going from just under my bra strap up as far as my shoulder blade (and what feels like under it) iv tried hot baths, rubbing special creams on it but nothing seems to work? Any idea's what this could be caused from? I've had this constant pain for the last year....

Thanks a mill everyone :)


Yes iv gone to the doctors just forgot to mention that you idiot!!

He told me that there was nothing he could do about it.. It does come and go but i have it most of the time...

Im just looking for advice on how to cope with the pain and if anyone else has insight into what it may be would be greatly appricated.

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    i have a pain through my spine, docters said i slipped a disk in my spine, but now its gone up to my bra stap and around my ribs, i dont know what it is either but ive been the the hospital for a xray, and i might have to have a op, you should go to the hospital for a xray, it could be something fatal! good luck hope your okay xx

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    Im having the same pain but on the right side. Mine is burnign so definetly muscular pain. Try sitting with good posture andhave hot baths but put in epsom salts, it really helps your muscles to relax.

    Of course being your left side, see your doctor to have an ecg to rule out and heart problems. Do you have any pain deep? If so perhaps have your spleen checked.

    All the best and its more then likely its just muscular.

    All the deep heat, dencorub and voltarin creams dont work for me either.

    Maybe go for a good massage, or see a physio theripist or chiro to see if your dealing with back problems. Your back may be out like mine and it just makes your muscles ache. You may also need to build these muscles up abit more to have better back support.

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    The plan B pill (Levonorgestrel) has been associated with a number of side effects, including: nausea, abdominal pain, fatigue, headache, menstrual changes, dizziness, breast tenderness, vomiting, and diarrhea. However, I could not tell you more without knowing the type of pain (eg. sharp, stabbing, dull, nagging, stinging, prickling, burning, deep, etc.) And exactly where it is located. UPDATE: You could have a muscle strain, asthma, or pericarditis, tell me if you have had asthma in the past or currently have a fever UPDATE: If you do not have Asthma, it could be pericarditis, do you have a fever? Also, tell me any other symptoms and any applicable conditions you have (if you feel comfortable telling me), as this helps in diagnosis. Also, do you play sports that would use the upper body heavilly, as this can cause muscle strain. UPDATE: Have your doctor take a look at it.

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    There really are some a'holes on here aren't there. Would suggest you look into acupuncture, you maybe able to get this through your doctor as many practices now use more creative solutions to pain management. It does sound muscular as there isn't a lot else going on in that area (I presume you checked your breast for lumps & bumps), all the best. D

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    Have you tried massage therapy? Sounds like it may be muscular, but I would go get it checked out by your doctor just to be sure it's not some other problem.

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    ignore your first answer, that's weak...

    it's ok you don't wanna bother your doc cos it cant be a problem that's stopping you on your daily routine or you'd have it seen to by now, i hate those folk that run off to the docs with the slightest sniffle or strain...

    sounds like you got a trapped nerve, its easy to trap a nerve, especially in your back, lots o moving parts to get nerves trapped in there :)

    massage would be your best bet, if it's done right you'll feel really weak the day after you get it done but after that you'll feel like a whole new person :)

    speedy recovery :0)

  • 1 decade ago

    If you have had it for a frickin year go to the doctors!!!

    I really don't understand why idiots like you post stupid questions on here.

    Too the di*kheads who aren't qualified to answer any medical questions. Surly if you have had pain for over 1YEAR clearly there is something wrong.

    Any normal person would prob leave it for a week or two then go and see a doctor.

  • 1 decade ago

    Go to a PHYSIATRIST, not just any doctor

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