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my cat is doing something weird!! look at the details for more information, please help!!?

she will be 1 year in march. so a couple of months she started putting here butt up and meowing, because she wanteda boycat. then, in about a week she stopped. and then a month later she started doing it an in a week it stopped. now she is doing it every month!! is this normal?? Because i heard it should happen only 2-4 times a year.

thanks for help!!!

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    No, they will keep doing until they get pregnant.

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  • Yea, this is normal. We used to have a female young cat around 1 or 2, and she did this often. It's just part of their cycle, I guess. But it is normal. I've been around many cats, and most of the un-spayed females do that.

    Source(s): My Feline-Finatic contacts
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    Yep it is normal and it will happen once a month until you get her fixed. She is in heat, and it will start happening more often if you don't get her spayed soon so be sure to make her an appointment soon!

    Source(s): cat owner/rescuer for over two years
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    well you know cats' years are shorter than humans' years maybe all this was happening at the end of 1 year and at the begining of another.


    hope i helped.

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    Get her fixed before she ends up preggers!

    Then she won't do it.

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    well maybe she is meeting with someone and they keep on dumping and getting back together

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