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what does ted hughes poem - October dawn? Mean/ connote?

October is marigold, and yet A glass half full of wine left out

To the dark heaven all night, by dawn Has dreamed a premonition

Of ice across its eye as if The ice-age had begun to heave.

The lawn overtrodden and strewn

From the night before, and the whistling green Shrubbery are doomed.

Ice Has got its spearhead into place.

First a skin, delicately here Restraining a ripple from the air;

Soon plate and rivet on pond and brook;

Then tons of chain and massive lock

To hold rivers. Then, sound by sight

Will Mammoth and Saber-tooth celebrate Reunion while a fist of cold

Squeezes the fire at the core of the world,

Squeezes the fire at the core of the heart,

And now it is about to start.

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    It's not entirely clear to me what Hughes is getting at, but it appears he's trying to draw a connection between the modern world and the prehistoric world by showing a glass of wine (a potent symbol of civilization) with frost on it recalling an Ice Age. To me this implies that we are still not masters of nature; that although humans have tamed nature and adapted it to our purposes in a way that we could not have done in prehistoric times, it is still powerful and capable of destroying us.

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    Ted Hughes October Dawn

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    I love the word bougainvillaea, and of course, your imagery is always stunning and your thoughts always provacative. I do believe this is one of my favorite poets corners to visit. Thanks, Grannyjill.

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