(uk answers) please advice, my sister and benefit fraud?

Ok my sister used to get job-seekers allowance, but 2 years ago she got a job, no-one at home notified the council that she got a job and I think the housing benefit/tax are still paying her rent. I always argued with my sister about this, finally it came to her sense and she agreed to pay rent.

What can she do?????????? If she tell the council will she get done for fraud? She said she will pay back! Or if she just tells the council that she just started work a 3 months ago will they find out?

Can she write to the council letting them now that she is working now and then notify housing benefit? (she is on low income, works part time and gets 5000 a year) Will they believe that if she says she started working for 3 months?

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    Hi, I'm a Local Authority Benefit Fraud Investigator and I've got to tell you that they will find out sooner or later, when HMRC tax figures are compared to that councils claims, if she tells them she should give them the truth. Don't try and lie and say she only started a month ago or whatever, this will be easily seen through....think about year to date pay figures on payslips, p60's, NI contributions etc.

    Poor administration is no excuse, the onus is on the claimant to keep the council informed.

    Cough up and take the punishment. It may not be so bad, as she is on such a low income the potential overpayment will be lower.

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    If she tells the council, they should not prosecute for fraud, provided she pays it back and gives satisfactory explanation. Benefit fraud prosecutions are actually not in the council's interest if she opts to repay, as this is usually the best outcome they can hope for in court anyway.

    But it should not have come to this, and the council are partly to blame. If she was claiming JSA, then it should have been under review when she changed from contribution based to income based, and she would have had to re-apply, and not been granted it automatically. A claim is meant to be closed after 6 months and the claimant apply again.

    She can still get benefits on a low wage, such as working tax credit, child tax credit if she has at least one child, and possibly a continuation of housing benefit (though not 100%)

    If she is the only adult in her house, she is also entitled to 25% off her council tax, no matter how much she earns.

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    they will do her for it however long she has been working. how slack is that? genuine people are struggling to pay rent and keep roofs over their families heads and cant get so much as a penny towards their rent and then there is your sister, and many others like her.

    I would love to be the law which says that benefit fraudsters are evicted from their houses and forced into private rent where they WILL pay a lot more than ever before

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    She will be caught eventually trust me i know of 6 people who have gone to caught for benefit fraud in past 2 years!!!

    if she leaves it she will owe more plus get a huge fine, if she tells them now they may investigate and then discover the truth and she will have to pay back what she owes.

    Her ONLY option is to inform them of her circumstances and hope to god that they don't find out!.

    sorry i couldn't be more positive


    PS my sister's best friend is now serving a 6 month sentence because her partner was working and living with her but it wasn't declared and she claimed housing benefit and income support, she has 3 children and they are now in care, this can be a serious deal, the courts like to make an example of people and your sister could be one of them if she doesn't fess up.

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    Her social safe practices sort will provide her recreation away. The day she began earning, her organization had to end her " stamp " contribution. The council will basically prefer to key in her social safe practices sort and her contributions will tutor from the precise date at the same time as she began operating. by declaring she worked for 3 months will take position as a lie, and open up an finished new can of worms. perfect to be honest with them and they are going to be very effective and sympathetic, attempt to con them, and they'll throw the e book at you.

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    Work dates can be verified through the tax system so there's no point in lying, if your sister has been overpaid she'll have her benefits etc. stopped until the amount is cleared, she may be taken to court and imprisoned...hard to tell

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    Tell her to go to the council right away. Tell them the honest truth - they will find out the truth eventually. If she lies she'll get caught out.

    She's been sitting on her fat greasy ****, living off the money of hard working people who actually do want to make something of their lives... I hope she gets what she deserves.

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    well, firstly, she needs to tell the council and eother relevant authorities EVERYTHING.... they are more likley to help that way (plus,you dont want them to find more lies later on!- that would hinder you)

    She should tell them that she will pay back EVERYTHING she owes them.

    In a nutshell, she jsut needs to be open and 100% honest with them, that way it wont make things worse.

    She may still be entitiled to some benefits.

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    As long as she is declaring it now and her employer will say she has worked for them for less than 3 months she will be fine. They are unlikely to check

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    Pfff, noo dont tell anyone, we will all pay her rent for her, arnt we kind, (finally agreed to pay rent? does she want all us tax payers to just build her a mansion for free? )

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