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Why is life in America so boring and depressing ?

I recently traveled to various nations in different continents and I was blown away by how people's day to day life in those nations seemed so much happier and more exciting than those of us who live in the US. There weren't many fancy things or fancy electronics, but they had fun regardless. Now that i'm back in the US, i've became highly aware that life in the US is a bit dull. Everything is the same routine. Most stores are the same (replicas), you don't see people on the sidewalks, people are to themselves, most places close around 9pm...etc... it is just overall boring. Am i the only one who's noticed this? I have seen most of the continental US, btw.

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    I think it's just you.

    'cause i know for a fact that if you know how to have fun, life in the US is definitely not boring/depressing.


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    What you said is true. The owners of this country want professional works and professional consumers. Cities and lifestyles are designed here to serve that purpose. For example, many small European cities are surrounded by rural areas and natural areas, which are minutes walking from where you are living. Thus, you have an urban, rural and natural landscape to enjoy living a very natural life. Here you have none. You only have this dull suburban areas and a downtown that generally unsafe. Then naturally you will head for some commercial activity (mall, restaurant, cinema, driving, etc.). Most people here do not notice these things because they are busy running after money and positions.

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    I wouldn't say it's boring, it just a matter of finding where the action is. We just got back from England and Wales and you are generally correct about more people being out and about on the sidewalks, but part of that is because owning a private vehicle is much more expensive leaving people walking or taking public transportation. When we were in London, the parks were full of people enjoying the day, but London reminds me a lot of New York city. I live in Florida now, but there are places where you don't see many people exept in their cars, but there are places like at the beach where many people are out walking and socializing and there are things to do at the beach. We also have certain hot spots in our city that feel like a cozy small town with many people out enjoying music, food, socializing and I always have a good time. My father also was in the military and I even served for a while, overseas is a lot of fun, but state side is also a lot of fun.

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    I've done a lot of traveling and I think it's just how you view things. In going to other countries I always thought that the standard of living was better here in the US but I also felt that here we live to work where in other countries I've visited they work to live.

    I have fun here and I've had fun in all the places I've visited. It was all about the people I was with and how I chose to spend my time.

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    I'm from Northern Ireland..I think the exact same and sometimes want to just jet off to America, because I think THAT'S the good life.

    But, it's not so easy, haha.

    Trustt me, every place has it's ups and downs. The grass is always greener on the other side.

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    Incredibly entire world depends on the US. So, if US is boring, then the rest of the countries should be 100 more boring.

  • Congratulations! You are an educated traveler and appreciate other places. I, too, have noticed--and greatly appreciated-- other countries and cultures too.

    Many European countries mandate foreign language around 8 or 9 years old. In the US, it's usually in high school and it's OPTIONAL. When you learn a foreign language you are learning much more than just words. You are learning history, geography, culture, the arts, etc...It's no wonder we're so far behind much of the world in our education system.

    Nothing says ignorance more than a cocky flag waver who says this is the best country AND they have no reason to travel outside our borders.

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    I am American and I have to agree with you .The reason it is the most divided and litigious country that is why it so boring and depressing

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    Work and no play + debt--humungous debt per household + insecurity (stemming from lack of parental nurturing) + lack of experiences abroad + materialism + its competitive nature+ most of all lack of trust in God can possibly be isolating most American these days. Thanks for your question. You are ok.

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    Without a bunch of gadgets and electronics, my friends and I enjoy each others company.

    It is all what one makes it be,

    not what is a possession.

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