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10 points!- Pokemon Question: About making your pokemon hold the item "Experience Share" +++?

10 points!- Pokemon Question: About making your pokemon hold the item "Experience Share" +++?

Im playing Pokemon Gold version for Nintendo Gameboy, and i just currently caught a growlithe and am training it. I would like to use the item "Experience share" and let my pokemon hold this item, so that he'll level up much faster. I'm just wondering if it is good or bad that I let my growlithe hold "Exp. Share" so that I don't have to actually use him in battle and he'll still level up, because it would be much easier for him to level up and not fight and still gain half the battle points... I mean, will my growlithe still get the same max stats if i let my higher levels (50+) do the fighting for him? Is the item "Experience Share" a bad item? I know that if i let growlithe hold it, he will level up since he'll receive half the battle points, but growlithe will not ACTUALLY do the fighting- will this affect his stats when he levels up and eventually evolves into arcanine? Should I use "Experience Share" to level up my growlithe, or should I not use "experience share" and just let my growlithe fight low-level pokemon and build on from there? my growlithe is level 14 so you know. For those who played pokemon for gameboy, did you use this item or did you just beat your pokemon naturally?

Thnx if you can answer my question, and 10 points to the best answer

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    its better then duplicating rare candies becouse using rare candies makes its stats lowered. using an experience share does lower your stats of the pokemon but not as much as cheating and leveling it with rare candies

    to sum it up

    pokemon trained in battle will be stongest

    pokemon trained by an experience share will be second stongest

    pokemon trained with rare candies are weakest

    if you battle two of the same pokemon at level 100 the pokemon who was trained less with xp share or rare candies will win

    Source(s): memorized this stuff
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