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If Ron Paul were running in next election, would you vote for him?

Now that more people know who Ron Paul is and how right he's been on everything, If he were to be running in 2012, would you vote for him over any other candidate, assuming Barack Obama runs for a second term? If not, explain why.

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    Immediately. He is the only politician that has great knowledge of the economy, has a peaceful/non-interventionist foreign policy, and a very fiscal voting record. He was the only Republican that has opened my eyes to the truth, and if he was elected, not only would I feel more free and filled with joy, but I would seriously consider being his bodyguard. He deserves the White House. His voting record doesn't lie, he's the only politician I could ever trust.

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    Being an Englishman I would be unable to vote for Ron Paul but I would send him a campaign contribution(if legal) as the presence of such a man in the White House would be good not only for Americans but also Britons and the rest of the world.

    I fear this is rather a pipe dream as Ron Paul will be 77 in 2012 - too old to begin a term as president.

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    If he ran against Barack Obama, then I would vote for him. I do not think that he has been right on everything, but I do know that he has courage and character.

    I would have to examine the experience of the other candidates. Also, I'm a Democrat and I have only voted once for a Republican and that was for John McCain.

    Some of his followers were very rude during the last campaign, especially the youth. They were blocking my Hillary signs. What was the meaning of that? Hillary was not running against him. The bad manners of the Ron Paul youth has put a bad taste in my mouth.

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    I voted for him last election and I would do the same. Most modern day politicians are looking out for their own needs. Ron Paul knows the system well. He will probably get executed by our corrupt system if he doesn't take the bribe money offered to him.

    The American dream has been killed by the merger of big business and the American government.

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    Absolutely, I'd vote for him! The only way I wouldn't vote for him is if the Libertarians had a candidate with a decent chance of actually winning. Dr. Paul is a TRUE patriot.

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    If he has the vigor, then he has my support.

    EDIT: I find it absolutely hilarious that people think Ron Paul is a dangerous man. He must ruffle some feathers with his ideas of freedom and interpretation of the Constitution.

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    from what I have gathered recently being he wanted to abolish the federal reserve he will probably get shot by someone who is paid by the international bankers anway. Also I think Bobby Jindal is perfect for the republican party!

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    A resounding yes!

    Here's the movie that moved his campaign into the mainstream early in his 2008 campaign (yes he plays prominently in this old 2006 film:

    Amazingly, this film is more relevant today than when it was first released!

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    No hesitation!!!

    Not to sound all dramatic, but his vision for the US (which is the same as our founding fathers) would be the salvation of this nation.

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    Depends on who he would run against. If he runs against Obama, I will vote for him.

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