Help - error message- The requested URL was not found on this server. ?

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this happens everytime i try to open an attachment in my emails. im with aol i think it might be to do with them, but the thought of ringing through to their call centre! argh!! can more
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You wrote: "...The requested URL was not found on this server..."

'The requested URL' means the web address you're trying to get to.

'Was not found on this server' means that the web address you were trying to get to may be out there somewhere, but it's not at this computer you've rung the doorbell on.

When you click the link or the attachment on your e-mail, that link or attachment is not set up properly to open from your mail.

The way to open it is to copy the link, paste it on the address line, and hit enter.

What to do: right-click on the attachment. A menu will appear. Choose PROPERTIES. You'll see the address (it may be called the target address). Copy that address by highlighting it, and then clicking CTRL C. Put your cursor in the address line at the top of the page. Click CTRL V to paste the address. Hit the <enter> key on the keyboard.

There ya go.

- Stuart
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  • smeagin answered 5 years ago
    It is claimed that if you disable the checking of attachments in your anti/virus that will solve it.
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  • MellyRose answered 5 years ago
    Try cutting and pasting the actual link. AOL might add something to links for tracking purposes.
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