Thinking about lying on my CV about past employment?

Since leaving college I cannot get any type of office work due to small work experience. If I lie on my CV and state that I have worked in an office for a year and the business closed down, so they cant ask for a reference, is there a way of still getting caught?


by the way I finished college a year and a half ago and still cant find work.

Update 2:

so what if I use an office that actually went bust?

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    Yeh you'll get away with it easily. But you've got to be good at this and remember your details.

    Think of the thousands and thousands of offices out there. Nobodys going to know every one of them.

    You could easily use an office that went bust...once a company goes into liquidation is ceases to exist.. including all the information of people who worked there...

    OR you could do this...

    The trick is to make up a name, I don't know lets call it...

    JKL Office Solutions LTD. Easy.. now all you have to do is think where would they have been based and when did they go bankrupt.

    Ok so now we know who you worked for, where they were and when they closed down.

    Reference wise - get a friend to be the reference, but obviously get him to pretend to be the boss or whatever.

    Better to give them an address to write for a reference rather than a telephone number.

    The really really tricky part is what MissLabelled said.....

    You are going to fall down in the interview because you've never actually done the job.. so they will ask you questions about your day to day role at this 'office' and your not gunno know what to say!

    Read up about offices or talk to someone who works in one.

    (To all those people saying you can get found out - thats rubbish. Theres no central database of workers and stuff like that. If you run a business theres not much you can really do apart from check references. No-ones gonna hire a detective agency..this is the real world not the movies)

    Anyway, just imagine IF you ever did get found out..whats the worst that can happen - you lose your job (but at least you would have gotten some experience!)

    Good Luck

    I like your initiative - if there were more people like you, we wouldn't have people on long term benefits!

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    Well my employer never checked any of my references!

    OK, maybe they find out and they get rid of you. At least you had the job for a while! Better than not getting it in the first place! Smaller employers probably won't check up on you. If you start the job, and you can do what they want you to do, then they'll probably just keep you and the selection process will become just another distant memory.

    Remember, every time you apply for a job, you're in competition with other people. Some of whom will lie. Even if they don't lie they could bend the truth to some extent! Perhaps there is a disproportionately high number of honest people on the dole?!?!?

    Anyway, they will tell little white lies to you about training and how great the company is etc! Loads of companies carry out corporate fraud and tax evasion. Politicians bend the truth all the time and they make pots of money!

    Source(s): I'm afraid that's just the way the world is. (Most of the people who use this site have access to a computer and can afford the electricity and the internet access. Most of them don't know what it's like to be on the dole!)
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    The way you end up getting caught is when you cannot answer any questions about office procedures, or perform well once you get a job for supposedly having a year of experience. Besides, what do you plan to do? Find out which businesses have closed down and say you worked there? What if it turns out they know people there?

    It's best to be truthful. Have you had interviews? If you have, perhaps the problem is how you present yourself There could be a number of reasons, including the economy just sux.

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    Many places ask to see your last pay stub as proof of employment. Can you fake one of those.?

    At the very least, they will want the name of your supervisor or manager - and they can find out if anyone with that name worked there. Keep in mind that when businesses close they just don't throw out all the records. They need to keep payroll and tax records for several years, so you'd have to pick a company that's been closed for quite a while.

    As a graduate, you are entitled to the services of your schools' Office of Career Placement (or whatever they call it) and access to their hiring databases and other resources. Take advantage of them to help get your first job legitimately.

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    it was to sad that u didn't got the job after finishing your college.

    coming to your point.... i don't think showing a fake exp. will work because the company could be working or not but still you have to know the work that you are showing in your cv .

    and the person taking the interview is not that dumb and he will cacth you just like that by asking you the question about your previous job.

    so i think it is not a great idea.

    but i think if you want to do it , do it perfectly 100% because if you are caught you have face the consequences. so better is that u tell them the truth and hope for the best.

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    1 decade ago

    Yes and DON'T DO IT. They can find out.

    What about the people that you worked for before they closed? Is there a way you can contact your former employer? Maybe go to head office or check with trading standards to find someone who will give you a reference and vouch for your experience there.

    No, never lie, chances are you wn't get caught but chances are that they WILL find out. And it could be three years down the road after you've settled and everything is going well, only to find out you've been summoned to your manager and them telling you they know the truth. That is grounds for dismissal.

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    you would have to be pretty good at lieing to make up a fake business. and location when they start asking questions. they would probably still expect you to have a contact from the old job which would mean you could get a reference. how many offices really just complety disapear with no trace or contacts.... i say dont do it. when you havnt had experience its going to show when you start the real job. and a lie is never ever going to impress people. and if they cant get a reference and you wont be able to show what you can do in the office enviroment from your "experience" they probably wont give you the job anyway

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    Never ever be tempted to lie in order to obtain employment. If anyone finds out -even after you have started working - you can be fired immediately. Why live with the fear?

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