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Who wants Marian Gaborik?

At the beginning of the season the big question was "How much will MN have to pay to keep Gaborik?", but with his inability to stay healthy for an entire season I want to know which team would want the risk of having him?

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    He turned down a reported $8 million a year offer from the Wild before the season, and now he has a zero percent chance of getting that kind of money on the open market. Why would you commit big dollars to a guy who couldn't play during his contract year?

    In case you haven't heard, Gaborik looks like he is facing surgery and may have played his last game for the Wild.

    Somebody will pay him but it won't be for the kind of money or the term he turned down.

    EDIT- I guess I should answer your Q....I could see him in Edmonton because they'll take whatver big name FA they can get or MTL or VAN because they will be the big off season spenders.

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    The Sabres need a guy like Gaborik he really good!!!

  • Kate
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    F' right about now......I'll take him.

    I'll trade Mark Eaton, Phillipe Boucher, $1 (hey Winnipeg sold Draper for a dollar, so...), and a bag of pucks for Gabby.

    Even if he is on crutches maybe he can do something for the Pens. They look befuddled.

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