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What are the characteristics associated with being instituionalized & does the institution have any relevance?

Do people exhibit different behaviour if they are in prison to those in a nursing home for example?

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    I think institutions operate within guidelines and from those guidlines people act in a certain manner. Its like customer service. People expect a certain level of treatment and rights to be respected especially when money is involved and to attract the consumers they need to hit targets and they have ways of doing that.

    If disipline is needed in prison and compassion is needed as a nurse you can see how people will act differently.

    All institutions operate within guidelines which also act like a belief system to get what they want from life and to keep the 'majority' of people happy.

    The characteristics in (people) i think are:

    Linear thinking, lack of emotion, not always open to new methods of doing things, convincing you their way is best and that you need to trust their methods.

    hope that helped!

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    Institutionalist broadly share the view that human actions & interactions are fluid with rules;without rules, human interaction may appear structureless & unpredictable. Institutions change this unhealthy situation- Thus in the words of Diamond(1995), institutions comprise the norms,regulations & laws that establish the "Rules of the Game". Hence for institutions to be internalized-

    1. the rules must guide the behaviour & activities of peoples so that things are not done anyhow.

    2. the rules should be well known & respected by all

    3. it should be easy for the rules to be enforced by the law enforcement agencies

    4. the rules must be predictable so that one should be able to tell what happens when;for instance,a law is broken

    5. it must be allowed to operate so that they become the practiced of the day.

    Hope that answers your question? Because that's what i think

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    One aspect:

    Many people who are institutionalized tend to attempt to shut off their emotions to the point that what is happening in the present doesn't really matter. They tend to revel in the loves and achievements of the past or dream about how they will live and act in the future when they can become free again.

    And, yes, the institution usually defines the general mood of each individual. Each person will tend to drift toward the specific mores of the institutional culture in order to facilitate his time there.

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