2 WoW questions. WoW gold. WoW lvl 80?

First question: Is the video in the link below, real or a scam?


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Second Question: Is the video in this link real or a scam?


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It may be true that you can judge it by the comments they leave, but the user that submitted the video can remove comments he doesn't like,

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Sometimes you can judge a persons video by the comments viewers leave.

    The first one I think it's a scam, because the company can find out whats happening and ban you. Also a dude is not just going to give you 7k gold for the hell of it. Only 25 members in a company? sounds kind of fishy.

    the second one actually sounds a little bit real since everyone is saying its working. but use it on your own risk. for me i think hacking is just for people that don't have patience and want to be the best.

    you lose all the experience of lvling even if it does suck.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Both videos are scams.

    In the first video, the Con Artist would use Social Engineering techniques manipulating you to reveal information such as your account name, password, etc, or convince you to run a Trojan Horse or Keylogger software that would steal your account information.

    In the second video, the software is clearly a Trojan Horse on the pretext that can provide you additional abilities in the game and might also embed a Keylogger software. It collects all your account information and sends it to the author who would then steal your account.

    In any case, the software can also install backdoors into your system and even turn your computer into a zombie for a botnet.

    If the "hack" is legitimate, it would not need to or ask for any account information from you; unless it's a Keylogger then you'll lose your account anyway.

    Lastly, Blizzard would also permanently ban your account if any hacks are detected on your system.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You risk getting banned if you use hacks to play wow. Go ahead and do that or learn from the best http://www.wow-gold-guide.org/best-wow-power-level...

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