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Knee pain - Knee'd to know!?

For the last few months I've been getting some knee pain just below my knee cap on the slight prominence of bone thats there (tibial tuberosity).

I cant kneel on it at all and its extremely tender to the touch...feels like a really bad bruise but I'm 100% sure that I havent knocked it at all.

There is a slight bump/swelling and the pain is very localised to the area...probably only about 1cm sq.

It doesnt seem to be getting any better and my doctor just said to rest it and ice it but thats having little effect. Its now becomming painful to bear any weight on that leg at all...let alone exercise on it.

I've been reading about osgood sclatters disease but it seems that it only happens to teenagers...I'm 27.

Any ideas?

I should mention that I'm a keen gym user and as such I superdose on high strength EPA + DHA Fish oil as well as glucosamine sulphate.

I stopped squatting and deadlifting 2 months ago but have seen no improvement.

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    You probably just injured it/strained it while working out. Go get an x-ray or MRI on the tissue...

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    Well i read some stuff about this in college lessons and RICE is the abreviation of (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevate)which it will helps people who have something like your problem

    your doctor said that do some compression of cold pack of ice because it will help the blood around your knee and makes you feel better but because you said you always excercise i think you better continue that but not really hard and the bit of your knee that hurts try to massage it or dont do hard excercises on that leg until a few monts or days maybe, but im sure it will get better

    Hey HEY Hey i think your leg might sprain because the signs and symptoms of sprain is swelling, bruizing and pain and the way that you can treat is just follow the RICE and if it gets worse do the treat as a fracture and that is just deal with 999 *lol* (999 i mean hospital or ur doctor, if u live in UK u probability know what i mean) , do not move(don't try to straight it)

    thats excatly what writting in my book and im sure thats the answer that you looking for maybe =P im only 15 what else you want hear from me =D

    Source(s): my PE booklet =D my pleasure sir ^.-
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    It could be a strain. Ice works, listen to your doctor. (i'm a medic, and i also do weightlifting) there are alot of tendons and oigaments in your knee. wrap your knee throughtout the day, ice it, and take some mortin. (800mg 3x daily)

    good news- if its a strain it will go away

    Bad news-it can take 6-9 weeks depending on ho wbad

    now the bump can be swelling. but at anytime it gets red, OR hot, possibility of infection. see your doctor again.

    chill out on the weightlifting and running, no impact/lifting. listen to your body.

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    Its most likely "Chondromalacia patellae" a.k.a "Runner's Knee". It causes pain in the front of the knee....It is common for young adults and people who are in sports to get it. Do not try to pop it!! That could make it hurt worse!! Just soak it in hot water and if it doesn't go away then go to the doctor and they will give you medicine for it. :)

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