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Get wifi password using program?

is there a way of finding out the password to a wifi connection using windows. i have heard of linux ones but i don't have that. i want to prove to my mate how weak wep passwords are.


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    The program you're looking for is airsnort, there is a Win32 version, but it's not as easy to configure as the Linux version in my opinion.

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  • 3 years ago

    the appropriate anser from a professional: ;) if the objective wifi crypted on WPE, use an common gadget of kali linux(lke wifite....), if there crypted on WPA/WPA2 , use the super gadget Reaver on kali linux or backpedal distrubution, else use the social engneeirng gadget WIFIphisher ,and for are conscious of it youtube it ;) (y)

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