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What is the best free virus protection software?

i want free virus protection software. I tried AVG 8 free edition but it said it doesn't support with my window. My window is window xp.

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    pc tools anti-virus is the best i've used and low and ram.


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    Source(s): Amazing Protection Antivirus Software : http://MoveAntiVirus.com/?bxeE
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    Sorry but there is no free best anti virus. Be glad AVG wouldn't install on your machine. It sux. It's well known for letting Trojans walk right in. If you can't afford it right now you can still get the free 30 day trial of Kaspersky. I've been told that if you can delete all traces of it when the 30 days runs out then you can reload it again for another 30 days. But you have to get it all off of your machine before trying to reload it again. Kaspersky is the best on the market. You will not find any better. I've had close to a year. No infections of any kind.

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    100 % free anti-spyware tool is spybot search and destroy.

    Adware files, Trojans and many malware types are being detected with Spybot Search & Destroy. This is a classic antispyware, anti adware tool that has become a well known product for users who fight against all kinds of online threats. It allows you to fix the Windows Registry inconsistencies, to be more specific - it is fixing the inconsistencies that are related to malicious applications that you are installing and adware.


    If you're looking for an certified freeware antivirus you may want to try Avast Home Edition antivirus. It is also another complete checkmark and ICSA certified antivirus software. Like any other similar application it does offer you protection for HTTP traffic using an Web shield option, protection for P2P software like BitTorrent, Azureus, BitComet, µTorrent, rTorrent, BitComet, LimeWire or Kazaa and so on.

    Latest Version 4.8.1296


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    Virus protection is like any muscle in the human body, if you want it to get stronger, you have to train it. To train it, you cause controlled amounts of damage and let the tissue grow back stronger. So for your virus protection you want to go to a lot of sketchy porn sites and stuff, anything that looks suspicious, and then let your computer's protection grow and prosper. After training it for a while you'll be completely safe.

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    Best free virus protection software:

    Avast is one of best anti-virus programs and completely free Avast works for 60 days after installation you will obtain your FREE license key by email after you register, the license key is valid for 1 year after one year you will need to just re-register.

    Avast home edition is free and effective, it scans your downloads and emails for viruses (unlike AVG) and also includes anti-rootkit and anti-spyware, it can also run a boot scan, I use Avast along side Comodo Pro firewall both are free and have been independently tested and proven to be more effective then Norton or Mcafee.

    Avast Anti-Virus: http://www.avast.com/eng/avast_4_home.html

    Comodo Pro: http://www.personalfirewall.comodo.com/

    Why Avast is better then AVG:

    AVG themselves state that the free version of their Anti-Virus does NOT scan downloads for malicious content where as the free version of Avast DOES, whats the point in having anti-virus software that can't prevent viruses from being downloaded to your computer, I've also tested both using the EICAR test viruses, AVG allowed all the viruses onto the computer Avast blocked them instantly Avast offers far superior protection. test your anti-virus: http://www.eicar.org/anti_virus_test_file.htm

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    That's retarded......of course it supports XP . Try Avast free, it's better anyway, or get your money out and pay the hard working people that try to keep us safe online.

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    I'd have to go with Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware

    Not only is it free, but it works EXTREMELY well!

    I tried pretty much everything, and it was either it took forever to scan your computer, and then you had to buy the full version to actually clean it out, or the programs themselves cause problems on my computer...

    this is pretty much the only program[besides Mcafee and Spyware, which cost me 100 bucks] that worked for me.


    that is the link

    or if you want to download directly:



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    it sud support...

    but u can try avira... nod 32

    i would say go to torrent and download nod 32 with crack and enjoy,,, as im using and with avg8 i was unable to remove the virus from pendrive..

    i hope i helped you :)

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    i prefer avira bcoz it has higher detection rate than avast and avg

    update and scan your computer regularly

    AVG8 does not support XP????????????????

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