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I have had a radiator problem with my car, I have been topping up the antifreeze with water to get me through.?

We have now hit the cold weather and my rad hoses now feel like there is slush inside them. Today was the first day this happened, the car started to over heat, and I got nothing but cold air blowing out of the vents. I had to park the car at a local mall, is there anything I can put into the radiator now to melt any slush and ice that may be in there in order to drive the car to a garage to get it fixed?.

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    you need to park it in a heated garage for a few hours so the ice thaws and then drain the radiator and get some antifreeze in the system, get the radiator repaired also before you mess around and have to buy a new engine.

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    Once the car warms up, the ice will melt. The problem is, did it freeze enough to push out the freeze plugs. Or crack some thing. I'd get to the shop as soon as I could, to salvage the engine. If it has not already cracked the block, or head.

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    change the Radiator hoses and look on the ground to see it any

    antifreeze is leaking from the hoses if so tighten the hoses up.

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    Nope, you may have froze it get it in a garage to thaw it out and pray you got lucky. If you did get antifreeze in it pronto.

    Source(s): Hope you got lucky and it did not freeze too badly
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    Are you sure it's the radiator? When I had problems with vehicles in the past that had cold air blowing at me it was a warning that there was head gasket problems.

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    there is but i don't want to feel bad if miss understood me - hope you took cap off radiator

    isotopic alcohol cap off - drug store near rubbing alcohol

    start eingine get hot shut down sit

    again and again till you see it flow

    dont put cap on

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    i think u need some anitfreeze to keep ur fluids in running temp.

    do a complete flush( dont use 50/50, thats just being lazy )

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    hmm you really cant put anything to heat it up you need need to drain it and put the coolant in it...if its overheating there is air in the lines and its not need to warm it up somehow to get the air out and prevent it from overheating again

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