how does dns work in a workgroup?

okay, i admit it, this one's got me stumped.... setting up dns in a domain is fine and i can see how it all works, but how does dns work in a workgroup - for example, if i have five pc's seperated by a switch in a workgroup i can call up shares on the other pc by its name but how or what is resolving it to i.p..??? would i be right in saying it pings every pc until it gets an answer, but in a domain it would just throw the request straight to the dns server? thanks

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    Your machines are currently resolving names by broadcast. Do a little searching on NetBIOS.

    Oh, and the easiest way to speed up a resolving IPs of a small number of computers when trying to connect by name is by using a hosts file that maps IP addresses to names. Each PC will need one of these and you'll obviously need static IPs as well.

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    The DNS server would relies on fixed IP addresses. The only way I can see this system working on a Workgroup is that each PC has a fixed IP address and that DNS list was held on every PC within the Workgroup. A PC would need to check this DNS list first and then move on to a DNS server if the data is not for any of the PC in the Workgroup. I believe such a system existed in much older networks, but has been phased out. It was done to help reduce network traffic.

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    DNS turns (resolves) the web addresses on the internet into IP addresses. DHCP allocates internal IP addresses in a workgroup. One isn't the same as the other.

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    Each PC and switch builds a picture of the network when each Device comes on line. As a techy you must be aware of ARP? Each PC/switch and routers builds a table in its ARP cache of every MAC address against each IP address. IN DOS type ARP -a . Hey presto each PC MAC and IP addy.

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