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Ravi asked in Family & RelationshipsFamily · 1 decade ago

How do you pay regard to your parents?

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    Take their advise in everything u do . if u r going to act against their advice explain in advance your view politely and explain you choose to differ . Most of the times they only are correct but unfortunately we develop the maturity to realise this only later in life .

    Dont be selfish and egoistic while dealing with them . Respect their feelings and concern for you.Give them more than what you can expect from your son in old age.

    Try to reduce their physical strain and drudgery if money is not a problem for you.

    Probably they might have gone through very hard times to bring you to this stage . Some of their pains and struggles they might not have shared with you .

    Judge them by whatever good they have done for you and not by what others ( some times spouses) are telling about them and most important dont shy away from your duty to your parents because some other sibling is not doing enough .

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    Much of it depends on your culture,religion and your family traditions but there is a strong way to show regard to them that is if you are there never let them do any work.This will make them feel you care.Show love to them and give them as much as you can after all you are formed from them and every pleasure that you experience from this world is through this body which is given to you by them.

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    Touch their feet and take their blessings. This way you will pay regard to them and they too will feel very happy if you do so. Spend substantial time with them and take their advise and suggestions be it if you are a student, professional or into business.

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    You be their friend. That's it. There is no obligation to be anything else than that. They gave birth to you, with no conditions attached, they do not own you, and you can be to them what you wish, depending on how strong your relationship with them is. This all depends on the individual.

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  • Rishi
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    during their old age, (when they are left with no energy or strength to look after themselves) if they are taken care well, nothing can be equvalent to this.

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