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What does A War Against Terror mean?

I know why they are having a war against terror, but what do they really suppose on doing? I mean everyone is saying, We must declare war against terror, for the Mumbai Terror attacks, but what does it mean?

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    it means Russia and China should get together and invade the USA, Britain, and Israel.

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    a war against terrorism is not the solution a peaceful strategy is the solution to make the world a peaceful place.

    The issue of terrorism has significant scientific dimensions. Terrorism involves the use of technology and the manipulation of fear, which is something that both scientists and engineers have long studied. The prevention of future attacks and the management of current threats require the involvement of the scientific community. From the response of medical professionals in the immediate aftereffects to the work of engineers in designing safer buildings, one can clearly see the vital role that science plays in working for the security and well-being of society.

    The war against terrorism has been described in high places as a struggle against a plague, a cancer which is spread by barbarians, by "depraved opponents of civilization itself."

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    War against terror could not be a conventional military style of war. We need to train people, as much as the terrorist, to use weapons and to strike suddenly, without declaring war or giving a warning. India has the best manpower to do the job, we have muslim population, who must be allowed to handle this job with precision and thoroughness. The politicians should allow the poor muslims in India, below the poverty line, induce them with good salary and high posts to enter the main line and fight for india, because they have embraced India as their country, and always India has treated all religions, castes, creeds, colors etc. with equality.

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    "War against terror" is a diplomatic talk. Without a person or organization only terror is not sufficient for war. We must more specify for it. Otherwise it is only diplomacy.

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    war against terror means fighting for peace and destroying terror and terrorism and thus bringing peace in all over the is the war for the better of the world..that is war against is when we fight for the survival of the good and destruction of the bad...

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    This war is not being waged for the greater good of the planet, it is being waged by a few very powerful people who control our money for profit and control. Take away this kind of power and it removes most of the reason for the war on terror.

    It is not so much about money, they have more of it then anyone needs for a hundred lifetimes, it is for power and control --- that is their aphrodisiac and some of the most powerful politicians in the world are part of that machine. Think of it another way, what better way then to invent reasons to go to war for more control or our people and taking their eye off the real issues of why our economy is imploding and who is profiting from this war.

    Who are these people?

    Think of the Federal Reserve System, the most powerful money machine on the planet that prints, and executes all aspects of our money ---and THEY ARE PRIVATELY OWNED AND NOT EVEN THE GOVERNMENT KNOWS WHO ARE ALL THE PLAYERS.

    Could it be, that some of the most powerful people on the planet are secretly in Federal Reserve System "club".

    Since the congress can't seen to get the answer (according to Ron Paul who sits on the FED oversight committee), I think its time the people rise up and demand answers.

    But we won't, we'd rather be stupefied by shoe incidents and who's the next survivor --------- well your survival could very well be on your ability to really understand what is going on.


    "Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who writes the laws."

    Mayer Amschel Rothschild

    "Whoever controls the volume of money in our country is absolute master of all industry and commerce...."

    President Taft


    Source(s): more information about the federal reserve system: And this audio from Senator Ron Paul And video Other prespectives For more information about this and other important issues, download this: TVU Player Then I would tune into: Channel 68078 Exposing 9/11, police state and tyranny Documentaries about 911 and other social issues over and over again.
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    we have no business being involved in this war torn land of terror and oppression. I feel sympathy for the women and children, and also the good men who choose not to follow radical islamic faith. Our soldiers invaded Iraq with one goal in mind, to liberate the innocent and punish the corrupt, the Government had many ulterior motives which i will leave for another discussion.

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    war = taking a very serious and strong action.

    we forget past incedents and move on... and sometimes that cause more damage to our society and country. war against terrorism indicates a mission towards ending the terrorism forever. and we wont breath in peace untill we achieve that target.


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    It means the whole world should unite and declare pakistan as a terrorist state.

    Also we should stop china from supplying arms to pakistan, so that other countries stay in peace.

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    Good question. Its like when a parent breaks up a sibling fight- hits the kids- and yells "We don't hit!"

    Agression met with agression just causes more agression. No matter who claims they are "right".

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