if a woman has sex with only transsexuals what is her sexuality?

is she straight because she/he has a penis, bi because she likes the features of a woman with the organ of a man or gay since most transsexuals are female in mind? I'm just curious as to this

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    If a woman likes a person who has a mostly female body but having sex with that person's male sex organ, then the woman is bisexual.

    Lesbian - woman attracted exclusively to women.

    Heterosexual - woman attracted exclusively to men

    Bisexual - woman attracted to both sexes.

    The woman in your question is seeking sexual gratification from both sexes but in one person. This is known as a "best of both worlds fantasy" by bisexuals, especially bisexual men. This seeking a mixture of the sexes would most closely be defined as bisexual.

    A sexually active person with their genitals is at best a secondary transsexual and rather than a true transsexual and that is only if this person actually wants a sex change and is pursuing it to the best of their ability.

    The person in your question is far more likely to be a transgenderist which the porn industry mislabels as transsexuals and the queer media mislabels as non-op transsexuals. Non-op transsexual is an oxymoron since transsexual is defined as a person who wants a sex change or has already had one. Pseudo-transsexual is the only prefix in front of transsexual that could possibly define such a person with accuracy since they do not want a sex change operation.

    A simplified version of the types of transsexuals is as follows:

    Primary or True Transsexual: a person who is psychosexually inverted. A person who has never been capable of sexual arousal unless the see themselves as a member of the sex opposite of the genitals they were born with. This type will always technically be a virgin until they have sex reassignment surgery since the brain to genital disjunction would make sexual use of their genitals with another person physically impossible even if they wanted to make it work.

    Secondary Transsexual: Someone who has or had a working brain to genital connection and wants sex reassignment surgery anyway. Such as a person has usually had but not always an extensive history of sexual orgasms using their genitals on or with other people (perhaps just one spouse but often more than one person - especially MTFs attracted exclusively to men) before surgery.

    Pseudo Transsexual or Transgenderist: Someone who lives as the opposite gender normally associated with their anatomical sex and does not want sex change surgery. These people are usually extremely promiscuous but not always sexually active.

    All types of transsexuals can be born as either sex and have any sexual orientation.

    The sexual orientation of the person having sex with a transsexual is as follows:

    Sex with a primary transsexual is always relative to the transsexual's gender and not necessarily the anatomical sex since pre-op sex with pre-op sex anatomy would be impossible anyway.

    Sex with a pseudo transsexual is always bisexual since it is always a mix and match of both sexes in one person.

    Sex with a pre-op secondary transsexual would be the same as that of a primary transsexual if the secondary transsexual will not use their sex organ on another person until surgery. If a secondary transsexual uses their sex organ on another person while they are pre-operative; that would be identical to having sex with a pseudo transsexual thus always bisexual to the person having this type of sex with a secondary transsexual.

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    Well, transsexuals can be transmen and transwomen.

    Transwomen, aka Male to Female, are women. This would make the women in question gay.

    Transmen, aka Female to Male, are men. This would make the woman in question straight.

    Things to remember...

    The terms transmen and transwomen are referring to the mind, which is ultimately what the person will FULLY be at the END of transition. Many people confuse that and think it's the other way around.

    Gay/Straight isn't just about sex, and people aren't just genitalia.

    A penis doesn't make a person a man.

    A vagina doesn't make a person a woman.

    WHO a person is is what's important, and that's in the heart, mind, and spirit, Not in their pants.

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    I find your statement "most transsexuals are female in mind" pretty offensive. There ARE female to male transsexuals too. I happen to be one.

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    Wow, who said most transsexuals are female in mind? I'm male minded thank you very much.

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    I think she is straight with a fetish.

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