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Zip code Liverpool ?

What is the liverpool' s zip code?



post code of comus st in liverpool in uk


Update 2:

The road name is "comus st"


Update 3:

The road name is "comus st"


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    In the UK we use a post code

    Comus Street is -


    L3 3DB

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    Liverpool Area Code

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    Liverpool does not have a zip code - no where in the UK has a zip code.

    In the UK we use a Post Code system

    The UK post code is a string of characters added to the address of every building in the country which are unique to that building or that block of buildings/ part of a street up to around 25 houses - so many streets will have a number of different codes along their length.

    Therefore it follows that in the UK there are thousands and thousands of different postcode and Liverpool alone will have a few thousand post codes so if you want a specific one you need to tell us a specific address.

    If it is written correctly on each letter it allows the mail companies to use a computer to read the code and then sort the mail to speed it on it's way to the correct destination.

    It is also used by many other companies in the UK to determine specific areas - for instance car insurance companies use the post code to determine the risk in the area you live and amend the payment accordingly.

    Also delivery companies use it with a computer to work out the best route for the delivery truck to avoid covering the same roads twice.


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    Hey Yank, we don't use ZIP codes, we use Post Codes. And town cities don't have a Post code, that's just not accurate enough. Post codes are for 2-3 HOUSES, or a block of flats.

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    The same as a Zip Code, it depends on a location more specific than just the city.

    UK codes are generally in the following format:

    L1 2NJ or L12 4TF

    London is slightly different as it is made up of multiple first parts such as N, NW, S, SW, NE.

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    Liverpool Postcodes

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    they are called postal codes over there, not zip codes. A postal code is made up of 3 letters ans 3 numbers.

    Example mine was N2N 2L9

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    Postcodes for Liverpool (UK) begin with the letter L. For the rest of the code you need to know where in Liverpool they live.

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