What pictures and stuff should i put in my scrap book?

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I have a diary scrap book sort of thing what sort of things do you think i should put in it? Links of pictured stickers and stuff would be good! Thanx any thing i could write about ...show more
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Pics of you and ur friends and like crazy ones like human pyramids very cool and kartwheels etcc (: and also add ones like these http://photobucket.com/images/love%20lif... as like captions (:
Oh and write about funny stories and labell them like the one where i walked in the lampost or the one where we went to london (like the friends eposodes)
Cover it with glitter and it paint it

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  • Alice.xx answered 5 years ago
    in magazines, the backgrounds or settings or just picture in general of the adverts look really nice and effective, yeah?
    well, they do in my opinion
    i cut some of them up and stick them around my walls.
    hope this helps.
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  • The Answer answered 5 years ago
    memorable events, friends, family, Joyous occasions!
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  • tan0301 answered 5 years ago
    The pictures and things that you put in it should be things that mean something to you at the time. That represents that time in your life. I was never good at the diary thing when I was young, it just seemed silly to me... but I started a book with pics & things that were insanely important to me. I look back at it now & some things make me laugh, some are just stupid, but it all brings back good memories for me. I was a concert goer so there are about 200 concert tickets stuck in that thing!
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  • ellen. answered 5 years ago
    I would probably put pics of me and my mates . And I would probably write about me and my friends when we have had are best times and adventures: D
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  • Gaz answered 5 years ago
    School and family photos are the best !!!!
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