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is the police force part of the judiciary?

what category does the police force come under...

legal system


cornerstones of society

or is it soomething else??


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    No.They are not part of the judiciary.The government is traditionally divided into the Executive (which carries out government policy) and the Legislature (which enacts the laws) and Judiciary - the Judges who administer the Law.

    The Police are an executive arm of the government.They carry out their traditionsl duties - enforcing laws and bringing offenders before the Courts - the Judiciary which decides on sentence after a guilty verdict.

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    In countries that use a system of law based upon English Common law, the police are part of the executive branch. In countries that use a system of law based upon European Civil Codes, the police sometimes work under the supervision of a prosecutor or judge, and might be considered part of the judiciary.

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    Police are usually at the local level, and they are part of the executive branch, the heads appointed by mayors or city/county councils.

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    In the UK:

    Beware US Answers on this question...!

    Its the Police Service ( :-) )

    In short, no. The Judiciary essentially means judges.

    I've attached a link you may find useful.

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    Executive and only at a municipal level

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    executive.... they enforce the laws

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