I have two issues with my computer...?

When I install my Video card and turn on my computer it just turns on than off than on than off again

with no screen..

I cant figure out why it wont work.. Maybe someone on here can tell me....

Thanks for any help

I have provided pics of what I have

This is my mobo


This is the my video card


Thanks again for any help....

And about every hour to two hours my computers turns off and resets..

Or just turns off

What could be the cause??


Thanks. I would also like to add that everytime

I restarts or it restarts, it beeps twice....

Update 2:

Im sorry I havent been more clear..

Im running Vista Ultimate 64bit

with 8gb ram....

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    A PCI or PCIe card which is not solidly inserted, or which is inserted into the wrong slot, can prevent a system from powering on. A defective card might prevent the computer from passing its POST (power-on self test), which would result in a series of beeps (if there is a system speaker), and then stalling. Corrupt or incorrect drivers may cause the OS (Windows?/Linux?/Mac?) to crash while loading. This may also happen if the OS is unable to find a reasonable default resolution. In this last case, using a second video card to boot and configure the desired card may be useful.

    A computer which repeatedly powers off is often one of two major hardware problems: overheating or faulty power. The first can be caused by broken or underpowered fans, or dirt or other obstructions. Also, an improperly installed CPU fan may contribute to overheating. The second can be the result of an uneven power supply (look into an UPS (uninterruptable power supply) to help with that) or a power supply that is not rated high enough (too few watts).

    If the computer in question is running Windows XP and it turns off after displaying a message with a countdown, the problem is likely due to a common Windows XP issue with some of the key services being set to shut the machine off when the services are stopped. Pay attention to which service is mentioned in the message, and then go to the services control panel (right-click on My Computer, select Manage..., on the left choose Services), find the problematic service, and set it to restart the service instead of the computer.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The new video card may be drawing to much power from your power supply. Try the computer without the new card and see if it still works correctly. Check the wattage on the power supply it should be at least 400watts. Also take out your ram and then put it back in. Two beeps usually signifies a issue with your ram, it may be improperly seated. If you could tell us what your complete computer setup is I could help more. Power supply wattage would help along with the CPU you are running. Are you overclocking it?

    For question number two:

    I believe this is a matter of the computer over heating. Open it up look for dust build up. Blow it out with an air compressor or can of air. Especially the CPU Fan,Power supply, and any other fans in the machines. When it turns off feel the heat sink on the CPU if it feels really hot their is your issue.

    Source(s): CompTIA A+ Certified
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  • 1 decade ago

    Check the Memory. the memory might not be the right one for your mbd. you need RAM to run your video card. that is the most likely cause for no display.

    for the shut downs check your power supply connections thats the best things i can say right now with that much details you gave.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I don't work with video cards, so i cant help you much with the top one. but the bottom one i can. unplug your pc, open it up, and dust it off. dust off the fans, the heatsinks, everything. close it up and turn it on. it shutting off is usually because of it overheating. so dust it our every few months.

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    1 decade ago

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    check your bios settings, update drivers, your comp might be over heating as well,

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