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women & men wearing pantyhose ?

Why are more women not wearing pantyhose these days ? I do think women in pantyhose are very sexy , I do not understand why more women are not doing it. I see answers about them feeling uncomfortable and itchy etc etc, I have found that if you buy good pantyhose and the right size they feel great ! They fit good . They last . How do women feel about men wearing them I am a totally straight male and i love the feeling of wearing them . If you do wear them what is your favorite brand?

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  • Nicole
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    1 decade ago
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    Seems like there is a core group here that is doing what we can to get pantyhose back in the mainstream! I am gonna keep wearing as long as I keep getting the looks/compliments that I get from you guys!

    I have never found a pair to be itchy or uncomfortable...of course I buy the right size which probably helps.

    As far as a guy wearing them...I think that that could be fun from time to time in the bedroom. As far as out in public...not sure on that one but if you are cool with it what does it matter what others think? If I were into a guy and he wanted to try them on, I would probably be okay with it.

    I usually wear L'eggs Sheer Energy (nude), Donna Karan, Victoria's Secret.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Dude I also am a totally straight man , I also am married , I love the feeling of wearing pantyhose , Sears nice touch , Leggs and wolford are the best . especially for fit and last. MY wife knows I like wearing them> She just seems to be ok with it. She has bought me some in the past but not very often. I have a friend at work who is female and she loves wearing pantyhose somehow she caught a glimpse of mine at my ankle somehow. She loves it she has giving me some great pantyhose. Since we are both married there is nothing going on. However it would be nice to be with a women who is into it to. so the point is Although we love women Who cares if they like it or not if they feel good wear them , no one says nothing when women wear mans clothes or get man hair cuts or tattooed and things like that !

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    I to am a straight male that loves the fit and feel of pantyhose, ever since my girlfriend threw me a pair of hers to try. Now I wear them occasionally even when she doesn't ask me to. But on a woman, I can't help but sneak a glance at her legs...pantyhose or stockings always seem to complete her outfit and just draw my attention.

  • 6 years ago

    I wear and have worn with my wife and she wears everyday. I love the feeling if being in pantyhose and love all of you women that still wear thank you all

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I usually wear pantyhose for work and love the feel and comfort. My right leg is amped at mid-thigh so I pull the excess up inside and use the waist band to hold it so even on my little leg it is snug.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I am a women who wears them a lot. I have met many men, real life and online, who are the same.

    The women I talk to that do not like them I find that they either buy the wrong size or a cheap brand.

  • jon h
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    I agree with you

    - They are not wearing them themselves and find it funny when men wear them

    I love seeing a sexy girl in pantyhose or tights

    - I'm a great lover of wearing them myself

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I personally don't want to see a man wearing pantyhose! I do wear them everyday, and am proud to. I do think that women that don't wear them are lazy, and don't care about their appearance.

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    Hi Jason, I for one love to wear pantyhose, thigh highs and knee highs! They make me feel so feminine! I see other girls at work with the bare legs and they tell themselves that bare is sexier but I truly believe that they tell them self’s that to kill that overwhelming feeling that something is missing in their outfit! I just don’t understand how a girl can stand in front of a full length mirror with a nice top, nice skirt and heels and say that is sexy. First off, heels hurt your feet to begin with and to wear them bare footed, eeeew! Not to mention that every little nick or scratch or any other imperfection in you legs will show up! You know I asked my brother who is 27 what he thought about the whole bare leg thing and he said that the only thing that comes to mind when he sees a girl with bare legs and this is, she

    A) got up to late (overslept) and was in a hurry this morning

    B) is too lazy to put forth the effort to look nice

    C) honestly does not know what men like

    D) put a run in her last pair this morning and is trying to wing it and hopes nobody notices

    E) just does not care about her appearance

    F) hates wearing hose so much that she has convinced herself that men prefer bare legs

    You would not believe how many girls fall into “F”!!!

    Well I’m proud to say I don’t fall into any of the above groups. I know how to dress and the proof of that is in the heads that turn when I walk by.


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  • DaM
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    1 decade ago

    I'm a guy, I wear them, and love it when women do too.

    I wear the Hooters Girl ones....Tamara, suntan, footless. I've bought some at Hooters, and one online. Sometimes they itch, but the vast majority of the time they don't and then they're wonderful. They're strong too.

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