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Why is Sydney known as the Emerald City?

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    In 1987, David Williamson (Australian author) wrote a play about Sydney called Emerald City. The term 'Emerald City of Oz' comes originally from the Wizard of Oz, and in Williamson's play one of the characters describes Sydney as the 'Emerald City of Oz', a place where people go to expecting their dreams to be fulfilled, but end up with superficial substitutes and broken dreams.

    Since then Sydney's unofficial nickname has been 'the Emerald City'. And the 2006 New Year celebrations, which also celebrated the Diamond Anniversary of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, were called 'A Diamond Night in the Emerald City'

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    Emerald City Sydney

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    A jewel of a harbour

    The glittering, emerald expanse of waterway which makes up Sydney Harbour is the city's focal point. It splits the city in two and is crossed by the famous Harbour Bridge and the Harbour Tunnel.

    From the ocean you enter the harbour through The Heads, dramatic cliff portals between Circular Quay in the city and the beachside suburb of Manly. The tops of The Heads are covered by Sydney Harbour National Park, which stretches along the rugged harbourside for kilometres. This haven for native plants and birds really surprises visitors.

    Visitors are also struck by the harbour's beauty, especially at night when the high-rise towers around Circular Quay, the girders of the Harbour Bridge and the 'sails' of the Opera House are all lit up. It's then that the harbour waters take on a magical swirl of reflected colours - red, blue, green.

    Green-and-yellow ferries ply the harbour until late in the evening, looking like wind-up bath toys as they trundle off to suburbs far and wide. Sleek tourist craft, tall ships rigged with sails, giant container vessels, water

    taxis and private yachts flit around too, watched by sunbathers on the harbour beaches.

    In the centre of the harbour is a series of islands, the most well known being Fort Denison, with its tiny sandstone castle, which once housed the worst of Sydney's convicts.

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    mackay lol

    Sydney harbour is the jewel !

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    Reg Welsh, I had the same question till I went there, I got my answer from the tall buildings near the water and the Emerald reflection. I guess we all have our own perspective on that.


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    I've never heard that one.

    Most people who talk of the emerald city that I know of are speaking about Mackay (because of the mines and the ridiculous amounts of money up there).

    Sidney is an overpopulated city. It has high levels of pollution and the people are overly stressed. If it was so wonderful, then why are they all moving up here to South East Queensland?

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    Are you sure you're not thinking of SEATTLE??

    umm...that's the NICKNAME of SEATLLE but I've never heard SYDNEY being called that...

    Thanks for telling me that!

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    Becuase of the Gold Coast

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    Ahh, its not.

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