How can I uninstall a McAfee personal firewall?

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When I try to uninstall all I get is a message saying 'Can not open INSTALL.LOG file' There is no such programme on my Control panel. I am trying to remove Version 4530
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install revo uninstaller and choose complete,and the program will go for good.
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  • Carlo answered 5 years ago
    Use macAfee removal tool as one of the others has suggested failing to remove it and try and load another antivirus programme can mess up your pc


    it happened to me
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  • ♥♥Hotlips4000♥♥ answered 5 years ago
    If you have a Windows PC boot it in Safe Mode and un-install it there .

    Then when you boot it back to windows normally, will be gone and you can then install you're New Security package.

    I had the same problem with Mc Afee, was a pain to get rid of ;(

    You can also download the removal tool like a previous answer has given you the link to.
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  • mailliam answered 5 years ago
    Download CCleaner it's free. Do the tour before you download. It's a very useful application. You should be able to uninstall McAfee from there.
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  • Sly_Old_Mole answered 5 years ago
    mcafee removal tool:

    If this does not do the trick go with fernando answer.
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  • big time reader answered 5 years ago
    that is what i have in my computer why would you wnt to get rid of it is there a problem with it
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