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can pregnant women come here please?

ok I am pregnant and my mum starts with all of her old wives tales and 1 that she said she asked it as a question and I didn't really understand, anyway do you know what this means please?


it might sound funny to you but I just said north because its at the top of my bed ha ha ha!!

Anyway thank you if you can help me.

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    She's basically asking which way your bed is facing as there is an old wives tale about the position your lying as to the sex of the baby.

    Good luck with the pregnancy and please, listen to the old wives tales but remember, they are superstitious sayings from years ago when people didn't understand and said things to calm or disturb pregnant mothers.

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    I've never understood that either. To me that doesn't make any sense because my bed was facing the same way since waaaaaaay before I got pregnant and will continue way after. So my pillow is naturally on the north side, but I'm having a girl. I think it's crazy.

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    They say if your pillow faces north you are having a boy.

    south = girl

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    lol, that got me thinking,

    in my old house my pillow was facing south, I have 3 girls

    in my new house my pillow is facing north, I am having a boy ( 39 weeks pregnant)

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    oh goodness get ready every person including strangers will give you odd tidbits and info on what you should and shouldn't do with your baby. think about which way your house is facing and figure out which way your pillow is. i've never heard of that ol wives tale. best of luck!

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    old wives tale. If its one way its a boy , the other a girl, but I can't remember which direction...haha!

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    oh wow never heard this one - i love these funny things - to think that some people really think its any significance

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    I have no idea. It sounds raunchy, though.

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    idk but i would love to know the answer. but my head faces north to at the head of my bed

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