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week 13 nfl power rankings?

watch week 13 nfl power rankings here Enjoy!

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    NFL power ranking mean nothing!!They have this thing call the playoffs.

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    i love your rankings... regardless of if no longer confident if I consider the Chargers. i'd have them ranked 6 or 7. I do agree Colts should be a million. they're extra shown then the Saints. The Chargers are a best celebration a crew that human beings leap on and off way too right away. very few weeks in the past human beings idea they were garbage, now they're a appropriate 5? They play in a smooth branch and dont get challenged all that a lot. sure they're taking area in nicely, yet i'd like to verify them bypass on the line an play a good crew. The week 14 experience-up with Dallas will be a good attempt for both those communities. Horns fan---- i'm curious, who purely received the Sunday evening pastime IN philly.. the Cowboys or Eagles? So tell me why the Eagles are a much extra finished crew?

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    I'm lost. Since when have power rankings meant anything in the NFL?

  • Giants should be #1.

    Good Luck

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    i dont really even get the question!!

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    whats the question???

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    Awesome, Thanks!

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