My Car radio has poor Medium Wave reception?

FM is fine, but MW is useless and showing my age that is what I listen to in the car.

Car is a FORD FOCUS 55 plate with a factory fitted Sony radio/CD.

Any ideas how I could fix it?

I have changed the aerial and it is out of manufacturers warranty (bought it 2nd hand) been poor since I owned it 5 months ago, also my wifes car has perfect reception - so not the area I am in etc..

Anyone got any ideas how I could do it myself - or who I should take it to?

Dealers just said - "Yes some are like that - you need a new one!?"


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  • 1 decade ago
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    You can buy a boster that will fix the problem for ya. their cheep and very easy to put in

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  • 3 years ago

    Seeing as AM isn't superior by an antenna, there is in all probability some thing internally with the radio that has effects on the reception of your AM radio. maximum radio's synthetic right this moment don't have a superb AM tuner. a super variety of the technologies is going into recuperating FM reception as AM isn't used as broadly. If the radio is an oem one, examine all your connections, rather your floor connections. in spite of if that's a production unit unit, try putting an oem unit in (just to attempt) and notice if the AM reception improves. They do have AM boosters you ought to purchase and set up at the same time with your radio, nonetheless I easily have under no circumstances used one and can't say for specific in spite of if or no longer they artwork or no longer.

  • 1 decade ago

    I know what you mean, we were happy with medium wave until fm came along and we realised how poor m/w really was and is . . .

    I'd suggest you take your car to a professional in-car entertainment specialist and discuss it with him. We've one in our town who is more "mature" than most, actually understands radio theory and will happily settle down with you and cover paper with calculations and diagrams. Hopefully you can find someone similar where you are.

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