How do I get pregnant fast???

my boyfriend recently got anougher girl pregnant and now i need to get pregnant fast so he will stay with me.

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    sweetie if he got another girl pregnant that means he was with someone else and does not love you. a baby for you would only make the situation worse. do you have a job, or are you in school? how will you support this baby? do you have a car to take the baby to doc appointments? how about pampers and formula, do you have money for that? stay in school, he screwed up his loss, find someone else, and use birth control!

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    Try Pre Seed. It's a lubricant that can help the sperm swim to the egg. After 6 months of trying it worked for us the first month we used it. Don't use any other lubricants because they can harm the sperm. Eat healthily - that goes for your partner as well as you - look on line to find a list of foods you especially need. Stop or cut down on caffeine. Some people say drinking a cup of green tea a day helps (but stop drinking it once you are preg because it can inhibit folic acid uptake they think and so potentially harm your baby) Try not to obsess - the more you think about it the less likely it is to happen! Monitor your cycle using temperature taking and cervical mucous testing. Have sex when you're fertile! Don't have too much sex or the sperm count will be lowered Good luck! It'll happen, I'm sure. All you really need is patience...

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    How intelligent you are.Monkey sees monkey got's to do.I can't believe your type of behavior. Just because this guy got this girl pregnant you think you need to be pregnant how about.the girl passed a test at school so you should do the same.I am telling you, having a baby changes your whole life. And you think that it's so damn easy to raise a baby girl you need to think again.what you need is someone you know to drop off their baby to you for a whole week and see just what its like to raise a baby maybe that would change your mind on wanting one. Other than that instead of keeping your nose in that boys pants you need to keep your nose in your text book and get educated before thinking of having a baby. Cause what are you going to do if you do have a baby. Become a burger flipper for the rest of your life Think of this some fast food places whats a person to have a high school diploma before they even hire them

    Source(s): Stay in school and forget about the whole baby making thing. you will pay for it later in life when its actually harder to get educated because you have a baby to worry about
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    Get pregnant faster Abortion or termination of pregnancy can occur by two methods. The first is through miscarriages and the other through induced abortion. Despite being two techniques used in abortion, so they resemble finally, die by the fetus. But there is a positive change in the causes of both. While miscarriages occur naturally due to complications in pregnancy development, abortion is deliberately and without problems caused by pregnancy.

    How could miscarriages?

    The incidence of miscarriages occur automatically so that it is created to be an involuntary termination of pregnancy. Before the fetus is able to be fully developed and transportation with its independent existence of the womb, miscarriage can occur and cause the death of people. There are several causes of miscarriages that occur, they are Existence disorders or even in suffering associated with injury by pregnant women. When a pregnant woman has some serious diseases, so they should talk to their doctor and take some safety precautions or decide whether there is a risk of natural termination of pregnancy is detected.

    Obstacles or complications in the introduction of the fetus in the bag.

    Get pregnant faster The incidence of miscarriages occur mainly located along the length of the first three days of pregnancy. However, several occurrences of miscarriages have emerged today from four days of being pregnant operation. The dangers of miscarriages may also remain till the twelfth week of pregnancy. Get pregnant faster According to the findings of scientific research, termination of pregnancy through miscarriages remain about 15% of pregnancies worldwide.

    They have 40 days of each week of pregnancy begin? Shall We will carry pregnant? Looking for a test? If this sounds like what you think to go for a pregnancy test, it is around the cards. The full medical insurance could be known, however, as a preliminary confirmation before a pregnancy test also known as home pregnancy test may also be considered. This will help provide a vital indication of whether the early signs and symptoms is during pregnancy are true or misguiding, especially if you have missed a period.

    Get pregnant faster

    The Technicality behind a pregnancy test

    Any kind of pregnancy test is conducted to verify the existence of the hormone hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), which will begin to be created in the body of a pregnant woman through the early stages of pregnancy week week. Also known as the pregnancy hormone, which is often verified by a urine test, which can be carried out both at home and with a blood test, which is caused health specialist.

    A pregnancy test can EPT can count on them?

    As seen, the precision of the pregnancy test also depends heavily on the existence of this hormone hCG. It begins to be made once the fertilized egg is inserted, usually after 6 / Seven days of conception. However, in some cases, it is possible that it can not be detected until a minimum of 15 days. Therefore, a pregnancy test above can not be a precise and accurate indicator of pregnancy confirmed. The accuracy of the indicator increases as time passes and is close to 100%, if you have missed a period.

    Another essential parameter precision is based on the use of the test for pregnancy packet. Manufacturing package customers are not to blame, if you’re not so careful regarding the instructions. A basic set of home pregnancy test usually requires urine collection in a container and an instrument of control flows inside. After a few minutes, as indicated on the package package pregnancy test, inspection instrument submerged give signs of pregnancy.

  • I really hope you're kidding.

    Your ex should marry the girl he knocked up, so sorry, he's no longer available.

    You should stop having sex. Anyone who would use a baby to keep some sleeze-ball, cheater boyfriend, is too young to be having sex.

    Please, do yourself a favor, join a convent, wear an iron chastity belt, do whatever it takes, just don't have sex again until after you're married to a nice man. Your life will go a lot better if you follow my advice.

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    She's 13 according to her profile and wants to get pregnant by a boyfriend who already has another girl knocked up.

    I'm sure he is fully able to support to girls and their kids.

    Brilliant !

    What worries me is that I ( a taxpayer ) am going to have to pay the price for this. Unfortunately she isn't the only one.

    The easy way to do this, sweetheart, is to ask the other girl how she did it. Just follow her lead.

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    That's awesome. Another child brought into this world who won't be cared for by the mother but by grandparents or someone else who doesn't care or more likely, the Welfare system and you can thank my husband for paying for your child's food. Grow up...break up with him and move on. Don't destroy an innocent child's life because you want to be a total a**hole!!!

  • slut!!!!!!

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    What makes you think that getting pregnant will MAKE him stay with you?

    Grow-up, you sound too young to be having sex to begin with, and if he doesn't want to stay with you for YOU then hes not worth having chances are you get pregnant hes GONE!

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