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What is Leyton/Leytonstone (London) like to live in?

We have seen a lovely flat on the High Road (near the cricket grounds between Leyton and Leytonstone) and was wondering what the area as a whole is like?

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    Dreadful! Don't do it! and especially not if you have kids. It's the east end of london. Urgh and it's a dreadful place. Filthy, smellie, and violent.

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    Better than Lewisham. But don't take my word for it. Leyton and Leytonstone is the area where most houses are for rental. I have seen in the middle of the night policemen caught drug-dealer just several houses away, some big man knocked an old man down then run, teenager said F word to bus driver, but I have seen worse somewhere else in Central London at night, especially Saturday night.

    Very busy high road, full of shops (although better than Whitechapel area) at ASDA Leyton there are illegal DVD vendors hanging around, and the best building there so far is Leyton library.

    However, if you live at good neighbourhood, far from the high road, then you should be alright. All advice of not going out too late is valid.

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    A long time since I lived in that area but it is to the east side of London which has always been the poorer side and quite tough. However you are close to Epping Forest and to some lovely parts of the Essex countryside. If you have children I would think twice about living there. However having said that with the olympics coming in 2012 and the redevelopment of the east side of London you may be on a winner.

    Perhaps before you buy you should sit outside the flat one night in your car at around 6-7 p.m. and 10-11 p.m. Also if you can speak to some of the neighbours and get a feel for the locality. If violence and crime are truly a huge problem in that area go to the local police station and ask for the crime figures.

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    I used to live in Forest Gate just down the road years ago and the whole of that area was horrible then I live in Cornwall now which is lovely

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    wow everyone's a bit negative, eh? Hmmm i live nearby... At night there's tons of problems and a lot of traffic but that's the same problem in most places, you could do a lot worse. Generally there's a lot in the area. Tons of shops, buses stations. It's alright. Ultimately it's your choice. =D



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    Dangerous to go out at night.

    Gang problems, I would stay away.

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    Very busy.

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    1 decade ago

    terrible dont bother

    i hope you have a flak jacket you will need it good luck

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