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Are hockey players tougher than soccer players?

Im in an argument with a kid at school. kinda ridiculous in my opinion. what do u guys think, who is tuffer soccer player or hockey players?

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    hockey player is tougher!,,,hockey is a more physicla sport and you really have to be in shape for hockey

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    Yes they are have you ever played Hockey well My Brother Played Soccer and he is a pretty Strong no wait he joined the Marines when got done playing because he was pretty much a weakling sorry but that sport takes the wind out of the man by just running on long Fields, otherwise they are nothing compared to Hockey Players they bury you to the ground the Ice Rink is short and their Tempers are even Shorter.


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    Yes, hockey players are tougher. I like soccer, but soccer players fall and hold their shins if someone generates too much wind by running by them. Hockey players compete with guys who do not get a yellow card for intentionally knocking them down, and they play a sport with sticks flying everywhere. Soccer players have to have more energy in order to run for so long, but I would not say they are tougher.

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    You're right this is a ridiculous argument as you can see from the answers above. My hockey players (when I coached) would play soccer or (box) lacrosse in the summer. When the hockey season started each group would require different training to get into shape for hockey. The soccer player would require hand eye coordination drills while the lacrosse players would lack conditioning. Running up and down a field all summer did wonders for their cardiac conditioning.

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    Yes. Hockey players can have some teeth knocked out or stiches in a game and the will come back later to continue playing.Hockey is much more physical than soccer and requires much more skill than soccer.

  • Josy
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    4 years ago

    hockey players tougher soccer players

  • Well hockey players are tougher . Due to the fact that when they are tapped on the leg or shoulder they do not go down wildly like they were just shot and roll around on the ground like they are dying. They break a nose . They go off get some cotton stuffed in it to stop the bleeding and then come back out to finish the game

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    Hockey players pretend they aren't hurt. Soccer players pretend they are. Hitting is legal in hockey. You fight in hockey. You face 90 mph minimum 4 pound frozen pucks blasted at you. Steven Stamkos takes a puck in the face and returns to play. Soccer players dive after they're hit. In hockey you're penalized if you pretend you were fouled. Need I say more.

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    Yes they are. I agree that everyone is tougher than soccer players, they're all actors. They play a more challenging sport, face more hazardous conditions, and play a more physical sport as well. There's a reason why they were so much more equipment as well.

    Source(s): I play both soccer and hockey.
  • Soccer players have to have very good cardio endurance in order to run 90 minutes, but my god...if you breathe heavily on them they act like they've been shot.

    I've seen better acting in porn.

    Hockey players...much tougher.

  • rbabz
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    Hockey players. Soccer players have great endurance, but that's about it.

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