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is anal sex dangerous without a condom?

me and me girlfriend are both virgins and i no she doesn't have any STD's so should i still wear a condom when we try anal sex, i really do not think i have to right? could i still get a infection if i do not wear a condom???

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    If you are concerned about pregnancy - then yes anal sex is "safe" you can't get her pregnant in her anus

    If you are concerned about STD's - no anal sex doesn't keep you from spreading or contracting a disease.

    Medically, regular anal sex can cause damage to the muscle that keeps your poop form falling out before you are ready - you know - the one you tense up when you have diarrhea, or try to keep a fart it. Similar to the way the vagina gets "stretched out" when women "use them a lot" the anus can get stretched out too.

    Sex is sex - wither is anal sex or oral sex or vaginal sex, it can spread STDs. If you aren't old enough to be having sex, you shouldn't be having anal sex either. Anal sex isn't "not having sex" it's just a little kinkier form of sex.

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    u dont have to wear a condom during anal

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