was that night a big mistake or not?

i was upset after my boyfriend and me had a little fight over him touching me in places when i dont want him to.

so i went over to his best mates house to see if he thought something was up with him,

i got really upset while i was telling him what happen and because he was helping me out i took advantage of my boyfriends best mate

and kissed him, well one thing led to another and it got serious, i started stripping him and climbing over him, he got hormonal and asked me to leave

i dont no what i should do help please

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Erm, yeah, it kinda was a mistake, how big it was is up to you and your boyfriend.

    Your boyfriend's best mate is probably feeling pretty crap right now, even though things didn't get dreadfully serious what happened is bad enough. He'll probably be feeling like he betrayed his best mate (your bf), and wondering if he too has ruined everything.

    Just be thankful he asked you to leave.

    Probably the best thing to do is to come clean with your boyfriend and explain what happened, and tell him that neither you nor his friend let anything serious happen and that it was a mistake- and hope that he forgives you. If not then you'll just have this eating away at you, and your bf will know you well enough to notice.

    I know this is hard, and whatever you do is your decision, but good luck anyways- these sort of things are never fun.

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