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Do his text kisses mean anything?

I told my ex that i was ok with us being friends after he left me for his ex, he is now textin me everyday saying that he is so glad that we are friends and that he still likes me. After every text he puts a kiss on the bottom. I know that he and his ex and not happy 2gether now. What do u think he is trying to tell me or is he just being friendly, when he firts text me he didnt put a kiss but now he is.


Autum is my real name.

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    You are dealing with a man who can literally move between women on a whim and I suggest that his daily texts and kisses are simply a way to keep his options open. I suspect that this man doesn't understand the meaning of commitment in any way and I also suspect that his ex has no idea that you two are in touch in this way. Frankly, I think you are courting disaster and the best option is to move onto a guy who has eyes only for you!

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    I always leave three kisses after but if I'm in a rush or something( like your girlfriend may well have been) i don't leave any. Don't worry- it's really to interpret what a text really means as you don't hear tone of voice or see a person's facial expression or anything.

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  • I put a text kiss at the end of all my texts, and the ones to my boyfriend I put a lot more.

    I think it probably doesn't mean anything.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Because he is not happy with his ex now, he may be wanting to get back with you and those kisses could be his way of saying it.

  • 1 decade ago

    Don't worry about it. Chances are he wants a rebound. If you let him seduce you into going out with him again he WILL leave you again. Don't take that risk & just pay no mind to his kisses. Texting doesn't mean anything.

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    if uv got any sense ul stay freinds sounds like coz he not gettin on wiv his ex he linin u up to go to then itll all happen agen round+round,u can do better dont let him play games with u +use u,he shudnt b flirtin with u wen hes with some1 anyway.

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    autum is such a cool name! is it your real name?! but yeah, theres something there, guys just dont put kisses at the end randomly, it hink he might be warming up to you... that happens, especially when its not a huge breakup and they stay friends

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    it could mean hes trying 2 be friendly or ur boy friend.

  • Bex
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    1 decade ago

    He's keeping his options open in case it doesn't work out with the other girl.

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