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hair care..pantene pro-v?

what do u think of pantene pro-v winter rescue

is it good??

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    i like all the pantene products so i would say yes good

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    Everytime I use any pantene pro-v products I get hair static. I tend to stay away from the products.

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    Pantene contains a lot of silicon, which makes it weigh down hair and attract grease. Same goes for Suave. This can actually make hair problems, like breakage, worse. Look for a product containing very little silicon and more keratin.

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    NO! NEVER ever use pantene! They have wax in their shampoo which clogs up your hair folecules. On the ingrediants box, they put the whole differrent scientific name on there, it's like the second ingrediant on the bottle. When your hair folecules get clogged, your hair begins to thin out and your hair can begin to fall out. Maybe another store brand shampoo will do. Not all shampoos are good for your hair because they contain sulfur or sulfate which is when your shampoo bubbles up when you scrub it in your hair. Some shampoos like the new CHI sulfate free shampoo contain no sulfate, which means its good for your hair and doesnt bubble up. Most shampoos only make their shampoo bubble up so that you think your hair is really be cleaned. So i suggest you dont go with pantene.

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    Pantene f-cked my hair up so bad! I swear that's the worst line of products I've ever used. I have really thick hair too and it left it dry and damaged it.

  • I've never heard of it, but I like Pantene Pro-V in general. I use it sometimes, but I prefer Garnier Fructis.

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    Well i don't use drugstore brands. And I heard that pantene is really bad for your hair cause if you look on the ingredients it says it has demithicone, and silicon and thats really bad for your hair. If you must use a drugstore brand use DOVE. I use Bumble & Bumble its like the best.

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    i had heard from my friends that pantene is really good but i hadnt tried it yet

    they say that it Transforms chronic damage and restore the beauty of your hair from root to tip with the high-tech, multi-pro-vitamin systems found in the Pro-V Restoratives Breakage Defense, Frizz Control, and Time Renewal formulas.

    here are some things that may encourage you and make you sure that itll work:

    hope its useful

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    pantene is a really heavy product. if you have fine hair, it could leave it very flat and build up till it looks greasy. It will stop the fly-aways, though.

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    No, I don't think so.

    If you want a good product, you should go to a professional hair salon and ask for a suitable product for your hair.

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