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How Can I un-install NORTON antivirus?


In this March, I bought a HP laptop, which does hv NORTON antivirus for a trail period.

Few days ago, its expired and we do not want to buy/to hv it any more.

Our laptop is with WINDOWS VISTA.

So, pls. let me know that, How to UN-INSTALL this norton anti virus?


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    I understand why. Norton is like a virus itself. It slows down a computer and is a huge resource hog.

    Make sure you have another virus protector to install.

    Add/Remove any program with symantec in the name.

    Personally I prefer ESET smart security.

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    Norton (Symantec) is one of those programs that we all run into once in a while that DOES NOT like to be uninstalled.

    The "Add & Remove" un-installer that comes with Windows will NOT remove it completely, it will leave behind several ghost files and registry keys. This is not a very good choice for this program.

    The best way to approach this is to download the Norton removal tool and use it.

    Another very good program is Revo Uninstaller which will do basically the same function of the removal tool. Just make sure you chose the "Complete" uninstall option.

    If you do use Windows "Add & Remove", it will remove Norton from your desk-top and start menu and even the list of programs on your computer but what you will not see are those "ghost" files that are always left behind. I always like to do a "clean" uninstall of any program I don't want any longer.

    Norton Removal Tool:

    Revo Uninstaller:

    Whichever program you choose is right for you, it would be a good idea to open up and check your program files to see if any folders that say "Norton" or "Symantec" are left behind. If so, go ahead and delete them. You don't need them any longer and they may conflict with any new security product that you may install in the future.

    At this point, I would also download & run a program called "ccleaner". It will just tidy up everything that you did.

    ccleaner (Crap Cleaner):

    GOOD LUCK !!!

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    You will need the Norton removal tool from Norton Co.

    Download here.

    Good Luck!

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    no problem Go to Norton main website then you want to go to the support section of there site. you want to download the tool for uninstalling Norton Anti Virus for version they you have on your computer. It will tell you how to find that before you download the right uninstalling software.

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    Norton antivirus can be uninstalled through add/remove programs

    Control Panel>add/remove programs

    Also there is a removal tool on the site

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    Go to Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel, If it's listed there you can safely remove it that way.

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    Just go to add/remove programs from your "control panel"

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    tryin to figure the same thing out jkjkj idkkk

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