Whats wrong with my computer speakers?

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The speakers on my computer don't work although the little light, lights when I switch on. Can anybody help?
Update : My computer is a desk-top. thanks for your help , I will try ...show more
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Does your computer have any sound at all? I mean do you have a laptop or a desktop? If its a laptop that has sound through the computer speakers its probably the speakers. Make sure you dont have it on mute or something ( ive done that before). If you have a desktop and there is no sound you might not have the driver for sound. if you go onto google or something and type in audio driver you can probably download it somewhere.


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I t was a good answer, xxstangs seems to know about computers. I wish I did!
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  • Dillon answered 6 years ago
    same problem here
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  • AdelleStevens answered 6 years ago
    Check your speakers actually work by plugging them into something like a cd player etc.
    Then see if your volume is turned up on your pc.
    Do you have a volume icon in the tray on the bottom of your screen?
    Have a look in control panel for speaker settings.

    If its not that,then in control panel look for "system" then device manager.

    Under sound,video and game controllers see if theres a yellow "?" next to it...if so then the device is'nt working.

    If you have a seperate sound card installed(i.e not running from the motherboard) power down the pc and reseat the card back in it's slot.

    Try downloading newer device drivers for your sound card/system from the manufacturer.

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  • Mick answered 6 years ago
    laptop, dektop, external speakers usb or jack plug, monitor speakers, vista or xp
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  • pislaru_cecilia answered 6 years ago
    Well, check the hole the plug is in.
    Try at Control Panel to adjust the volume.
    See if it works with headphones.
    Try re-installing sound driver.
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  • STEVEN P answered 6 years ago
    Have you reformatted your HD or loaded a new windows on it? if you have done one or both of these things it would be your drivers you might need to download them i had the same sort of problem and downloaded the drivers and it works..if that don't work what i suggested try going to device manager and find your audio device and see if there is a yellow triangle next to the audio hope this helps
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  • «Gяιιιммנσш»® answered 6 years ago
    Try, adjusting the volume from control panel or turning off your computer then starting it again, dont restart it. turn it off completely, leave it off for about 15 seconds and put it back on then maybe it'll work. if not, then you could try re installing the sound drivers.

    Hope this helps ! :)
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  • Dolby answered 6 years ago
    few steps to take:

    1. try headphone. if it works, ur speaker has problem
    2. if headphone doesn work, soundcard has problem or soundcard is not installed, or u r inserting speaker and headphone jack into wrong hole. it must be green hole
    3. if headphone works, fix speaker. check cable. check volume slide bar
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  • Daniel answered 6 years ago
    make sure they are hooked up right and pushed in all the way
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