Weaning advice from health visitor, is it right?

My gorgeous five and a half month old little boy has been having solids for about a month now. In the beginning he would eat anything, carrots, parsnip, sweet potato, apple, banana etc and really enjoyed his food. In the last couple of weeks he has started to flatly refuse to eat vegetables, he keeps his mouth firmly shut and gags if I do manage to get him to take any, fruit is no problem and he has a good appetite. I mentioned this to my health visitor yesterday and was told to mix the veg with cream and butter. I did this for his tea and he polished off the lot! Was just wondering is it a good idea for a little one this young to be having cream and butter (obviously I use unsalted). Does anyone have any other tips on how to get babies to eat veg, don't want meal times to turn into a fight!

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    i was told to hide it in mash potatoe

    my son went through this faze i found he liked baby carrots he could hold himself

    if he likes it id keep doing it just dont over do the cream & butter x

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    Motherhood is so fun! It is perfectly okay to have your baby eat high calorie dairy food right now, as the milk fat is needed to keep him healthy. Experts say that up until the age of three, whole milk and the like are recommended. After that, reduced milk fat or the transition to soy is encouraged. As far as his veggies are concerned...he's a little person with likes and dislikes, too. Most certainly you will find yourself having wars with a certain type that you think is great and he doesn't. Do not force him. This type of approach can be the beginning of the end if you aren't careful. Consider letting him take hold of the spoon to feed himself. Sometimes food can be a little more palatable when a baby is in control of what goes in his mouth (you'll need to assist, however). Create pureed concoctions to give a basic food more "UMPH" and you may be surprised at how quickly a renewed interest in runny carrots/beans/corn may come about. One more thing...perhaps the consistency or texture is what bothers him. Small changes to add slight chunkiness may be more inviting, but nothing too big due to increased choking hazard. All in all, experiment! This is a fantastic time to really get to know your wee one and by being patient and consistent with offering him things; what might be hated during one month may be loved during another. Don't panic - babies have an innate sense of what their bodies need, as nature equips them with instinctual eating preferences. He will not go hungry, and he will get the proper nutrition if you maintain a variety of different tastes. Good luck to you!

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    Cream and butter? I'm surprised the health visitor advised this. A babies diet is supposed to be gluten free, salt free and low in sugar.

    My daughter isn't keen on veg but I buy baby food that's in a pouch, organic food and is fruit and veg mixed and it's called Ella's kitchen.

    broccoli pear & pears

    carrot apple & swede

    75p each but worth the happiness of baby eating some veg!

  • In my opinion, not good advice!

    You don't want to give your baby those milk products.

    It's also a lot of "bad" fat to give.

    The reason he has decided he doesn't like some, is because his taste buds are so sensitive, they are having a better reaction to the sweeter taste of fruit! Veggies have more of a bitter taste to them.

    Instead of mixing them with cream and butter to hide the taste, try mixing it with something he does like, for instance his cereal, or maybe the fruit.

    Then wean off the fruit part slowly, until he is just eating veggies again.

    Stick with those for a week or so, then add the sweeter stuff back in.

    Please don't use honey! It has been proved to cause botulism (food poisoning) in children under a year old!

    Good luck!

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    Just let him eat the fruits for now, maybe add a little cereal. Try a little veg once in awhile but if he balks, don't force it, or mix some fruit and veg together. Little ones have food moods just like we do. When he's ready to eat it again, he will.

    It is not recommended to give honey to a baby!

  • Sounds like terrible advice to me.... My daughter went through this as I am sure many babies do. I just kept offering her veggies first and once she refused (sometimes she'd have one mouthful sometimes 5 or 6) then give her the fruit...just make sure you always offer the veggies first...before you know it he'll be eating it again.

    I asked a similar question and was given a great link I'll try and find it in my Q&A for you... might not have a chance to do it tonight though.


    Here's the link to my question so you can read all the answers. The one I chose as best is the one with the good link


    Also, please don't add honey as someone suggested. It can cause something called botulism in infants under one year...google it if you are unsure

    good luck

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    Their taste buds are developing all the time. Your boy has just discovered - bitterness. Add some natural sweetness to his meals, just a little natural honey. Play - guess what it is. Eyes shut plus veg (sweetened), open eyes - surprise its potatoe etc.. reduce the sweetness overtime. Kids/babies associate colour/shape/taste at the same time, either good or bad. You have a limited time before a life long pattern sets in.

    Dis-associating vegetables with bitterness is the key. Sounds stupid, buts it the same reason 'Popeye' was asociated with Spinach in the fifties.

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    the two one among mine had began solids before 15 weeks they have been the two drowsing contained in direction of the nighttime, and then began waking up hungry all quickly they're now 13 and 9 - have no digestion issues, are bang on ideal weight for their height (the better reason that scientific experts now advise 6 months) and my wellness concentrated visitor and wellness care expert have been completely satisfied approximately their weaning whether, my daughter (the greater youthful of the two) fed that frequently - I enable her because of the fact she replaced into (previous to beginning waking up) drowsing 8 hours a nighttime from delivery and 13 hours a nighttime from 3 weeks old i desperate greater primary feeding contained in direction of the day replaced into relatively surely worth the greater sleep. lol

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    that sounds like it would be way to rich for your little one at such a young age.and he may become overweight due to feeding him that.i started giving my daughter veg at that age and if she wasnt interested in eating it i put a tiny amount of made gravy into the veg she ate it all after that.give it a go.hope this helps.

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    That sounds abit rich to me and your baby may become overweight. I'd try gravy ( oxo), stock cubes, my little one loves it like that.

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