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New name for our female dog?

We need a new name for our dog! Her name is Mamie, but we can't really use that (my son's going to be called Jamie.... Comes in handy if they're getting into something together! But can be confusing for both.) She's a red parti cocker spaniel. The link below isn't her, but similar enough. Her red is darker and doesn't have as much white on her face. Please no "Spot"s or anything "doggy" lol.


She's been called Lady and Pretty girl and Molly (we know twins named Molly and Mamie lol) and she answered to them all lol.

Thanks in advance!


Yeah I couldn't find a picture that looked a lot like her under "cocker spaniel"

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    piper would be good...although Lady fits her perfectly...i also like daisy but it doesn't fit her as much there is a link below that i think it could help you..


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    Lady is cute. It reminds me of the movie Lady and the Tramp, and Lady was a cocker spaniel. And she already responds to it.

    Good luck and congratulations on the new baby boy.

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    Maggie (personally I think Maggie when I think cocker spaniel because of the big ears I dont know why lol)





    thats all I got because my brains not working right today! lol Best of luck

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    That pic looks more like a Cavalier than a Cocker. Regardless, give her a royal name like Elizabeth, Victoria, Marie.

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    You & your dog will find it as you go. Try different names with no attention getting ploys! I spent a week at this when he turned to walk away until I found one he responded to & I could live with! He never responded to Razz, but, Razmo sure turned him around on the spot. Take your time & have fun getting to know your new friend! We named the last one Weebo after the weeble-wobble toys & the robot on Flubber, because of her clumsy manner

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    Serious or silly, evocative or ironic--whatever you decide to christen your dog, it better be something you're comfortable both printing on veterinary forms as well as yelling at the top of your lungs from the other side of the park.

    Here are some lists of great dog names http://dogtime.com/dog-names.html

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    Give her a name of royal reference like Queenie, Menes, or Elizabeth. (Menes is from egyptian times..)

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    Sassy's good!

    Sugar? I;m not sure, those are all good hunting dogs names I've known growing up

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