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Who was your first celebrity crush?

And who is your celebrity crush now?

If you don't believe in celebrity crushes, just say what celebrity you think is cute or hot.

My first celebrity crush was Ricky Ullman from Phil of the Future, and that was when I was in second grade. (I think I was in second grade anyway...)

My celebrity crush now is David Archuleta because he is the nicest, sweetest, cutest person that I have ever met!

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    oki so when i was like five, I LOVED Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys, and then it went to Brian Litrell.

    When I was 8, my sister said my first true crush was Daniel Radcliffe! haha!

    i kinda grew out of the whole crushing on celebs, cuz i just don't know them.

    So Daniel Radcliffe I think is still pretty hot, and now, of course David Archuleta, he seems like one of the nicest guys! I'd so love to meet him!

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    Bow Wow was my first celebrity crush. I think I was 11 years old. I used to daydream about "our future" together as a couple lmao. I think a lot of celebs are attractive, but I don't have one specific crush on someone. Um let's see... Shemar Moore, Terrence Howard and Chad Michael Murray. In second place would be Leonardo DeCaprio when he was younger. Third place is Johnny Depp. I wish I had a picture of Shemar Moore. D@mn, he is one beautiful man!

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    If you ever watched Blue's Clues, there was an host name Steve who went off the show around 2000. He was my first celebrity crush! :D (There he is LOL --> ) I was, like, four! Now, come to think of it, that would of been majorly pedophile-ish.

    I also found Ricky Ullman really cute, and Dylan and Cole Sprouse. I'm over them now.

    I am in love with Robert Pattinson, but he's 10 years older than me so.....ain't going to happen! :D (In case you don't know who Robert is, he's playing Edward Cullen in the new movie Twilight)

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    David Cassidy

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    Jesse McCartney was my first celebrity crush. I fell in love with him and his song 'Beautiful Soul' which really inspired me. I was in 4th grade.

    Then in 7th grade- I fell in love with Blake Lewis. I was devastated when he lost Idol. : (

    My celebrity crush now is David Archuleta too. I can't wait for his self titled album to come out on Tuesday! He is so cute, I wouldn't call him hot because he just has that kid side still to him.

    You're so lucky to have met David! I went to the concert- but I couldn't meet him. Hopefully, in the near future, we will meet.

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    Orlando Bloom <33 haha

    (alot of people did, it seems)

    Now.. umm, I don't know.

    I kinda like David Archuleta but I just got into him.

    [like I just started liking him]

    I LOVE that song crush.

    So I guess I'd say him.

    I also think Joe jonas is cute.

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    Zac Efron in High School Musical as Troy lol

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    Nasir Jone

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    Nick Carter....from Backstreet Boys.

    My "crushes" now are Kevin Jonas and Dominic Purcell of Prison Break


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