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do i empty my swimming pool in the winter?

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    Nope. You never leave a pool empty unless you want to run some risk with it. An empty concrete pool can pop out of the ground if the hydrostatic pressure is high enough and the hydro valve gets jammed ( common). At the very least, the pool's finish can spider web ( develop fine cracks as it dries out).

    A fiberglass pool can pop out too, as well as suffer some discolouration.

    In the case of a vinyl liner pool, the walls can collapse inwards from hydrostatic pressure, the bottom can heave up and at the very least, the liner will shrink (within hours of draining) and if it's more than 2-3 years old, can literally snap at a seam when you refill.

    Source(s): former pool tech
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    it is best not to. as previously stated the damage that can be done is irreversible. your best bet is to purchase a solar cover if they are available in the UK and invest in a salt water chlorinator, running the system for 3-4 hours a night will keep the pool crystal clear all winter long. come summer time you dont have to spend any money filling it up with water or spend any money killing any algae that has started to grow

    Source(s): Pool shop owner with 14 years experience
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    not ussaly, you could cover it for the winter or keep it up and running.

    Source(s): pool man
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