Hot Rollers? Or Sponge Rollers?

I have long (about 6 inches below my shoulder), thin hair... and i have trouble curling it :/

I've tried using the curling iron before but its only about 30 minutes until the curls fall out..

I've never tried using velcroo rollers, sponge rollers, or hot rollers and i'm wondering if any of them really work??

if anyone has had the same problem before... please tell me what you used!! lol.. im so desperate..

btw i want to achieve a spiraly-curly look... not wavy... if that's possible with thin hair!

thanks in advance :D

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    1 decade ago
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    hot rollers - when time is limited

    sponge rollers are if you have more time for them to set

    yes I have thin hair & my hair holds fairly good with curlers

    I always had to use the spike rollers for dancing

    plenty of hair spray :)

    your hair is long & heavy

    maybe put them in the day before you want to go out -

    you may have to sleep on them which can be uncomfy, but its not that bad

    they say putting brown vinegar in your hair when washing gives it extra shine :) I used to do this for dance comps!

    the thinner the roller - the curlier it will be

    the fatter - the more wavier

    thinner might work with you because you don't have such thick hair to roll! I hope this helps ;)

    Source(s): If you roll on a diagonal then it will be more curley than straight up - like when you roll up a streamer & pull it downwards
  • 1 decade ago

    Totally hot rollers keep them up while you do something else for like 10 min and then add a few extra curls with a curling iron

  • 1 decade ago

    I think you should use hot rollers if you want long lasting curls but im not too sure about spiral curls if you have thin hair.Good luck

  • 1 decade ago

    did u hairspray ur hair before you curl it?

    bc it really helps. haha its the only way my curls hold 4 more than like 20 mintues and i have thick hair.

    and if the hairspray is still wet when the hot curling iron hits it , it works better and sticks more to the iron so ur more likely to get a good curl. if taht made any sence at all!?? haha

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