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What question would you like to ask Leonardo DiCaprio?

For the release in cinema of Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest movie Body of Lies on Friday 21st November, we're teamed up with Yahoo! Movies and managed to get the Answers community a slot for one of your questions to be put to Leo.

You can watch the trailer now as well as an exclusive 5 minutes from the movie

So, what is your question for Leonardo DiCaprio?

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    Do you prefer to play a character who is the complete opposite of you or what you believe in and why?

    Thanks :)

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    As global warming becomes an issue in our everyday lives, it still seems impossible get everyone on board before it's too late? There are so many poorer countries quite incapable of setting up any kind of recycling facilities, pollution monitoring/control ministries, and so on.

    Why can't the industrialized nations (being the largest of the polluters) get together and form a World Climate Coalition? After all, this IS a world problem, and finger pointing is NOT going to solve it.

    Each year a portion of the taxes that they collect can be put together in a huge pot, and under the supervision of an elected board, they use this money to fight pollution/global warming causes in the under-developed nations. These industrialized nations are so wealthy that there is no reason that they can't afford this, nor can they afford not to do this for generations to come.

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    though it was Titanic which made you a huge and international star at the young age of 22, you have always been, before and after Titanic, someone who has got to play a wide range of characters with both critical and commercial appeal. You have been noted as an actor who has the gift to play young protagonists with incredible maturity in films like What's eating Gilbert Grape?, Total Eclipse, This Boy's Life, The Basketball diaries etc. With time, you've played full-on adult roles in films like The Departed,Gangs of New York, Blood Diamond etc. Do you ever feel that you got luckier than a few other also-deserving actors? Or do you feel that your brilliant body of work is the result of hard work and talent? do you have to struggle to get some parts that you play?

    Leo, in case you do read this, I really must congratulate you on your brilliant career so far and I wish you all the luck and love in the world for your future. Love ya! - Amrita from India

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    Leonardo DiCaprio

    What is your reasoning to chose the movie you do ? Such as Body of Lies or one of my favourite movies Titanic

    Is there a reason why you chose the movies that you did?

    Also something that you have probably been ask a lot but , What would you have become if you didn't get the chance to become an Actor?

    I would like to add that I think that you are a very talent Actor!

    Thank you

    Kathleen age 15

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    Okay Leo,

    I am going to lay it on the line and this is not about the movie (sorry). I am battling with how to combat the worlds animal cruelty such as saving the whales from Japan, fighting the factory farm industry, who by the way is the biggest sourse of green house gases but we can never get anyone to admit to this, the Canadian Seal Hunt. How do we go about doing this when it seems like a battle that we just cannot win. I feel so emotionaly drained trying to fight these issues.


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    Before watching this movie, I must admit I had a Very nonchalant attitude about it, as I'm not a great fan of some of the other cast members. This reason alone has never stopped me from watching a movie. In the end I thought it was very thought provoking. I really found the concept intriguing.

    My question is, before signing on to any project do you take into consideration the message that the movie is trying to convey. Does this have a great impact on your decision to sign on?

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    Leo, in this movie (or The Beach or pick any other film) did you ever have the subtle sense that you'd been in that same position before,(IE. Sliding in the up-side-down Blk Nissan or other auto, film, scene, etc.) BUT NOT ACTUALLY déjà vu but something, i call, 'i éjà vu' wherein, the visuals are similar, NOT the same, yet the sense is felt deep within; like a past life experience but in the present. So my question is: Do you remember me from your last life? You were the same age when i contacted you then. Are you ready this time Lo?


    Simple Q: Are you ever going to go (take a ride, live, go moon-loop, or visit a station, etc) in space? If so, with Virgin or inioneUNIversal?

    Source(s): Leonardos' soul=mind/body & spirit! Lo=Humanities' foresight!
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    1 decade ago

    Gday Leo! As a kid of 16 I travelled on the Concorde and then backwards and forwards across the atlantic about a dozen times in a week as part of a simplistic stunt I pulled off using a Telex machine. I was later brought to court and charged with obtaining property by deception.

    I have always believed it would make a far more interesting film than "Catch me if you can" Would you be interested in hearing the full story?

    Kind Regards


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    As you are a keen environmentalist, and have set up the Leonardo Dicaprio Eco-Site.

    If you were asked to become the Senator for the Environmental Issues under the OBAMA administration, what would be your goals for the United States be? - To be met by the end of the first term?

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    Hey Leo. For the past while now I've noticed that most movie's and media in general have agenda's or subversive underscores in the themes and plots. Ive been reading a lot of history in the past few years and I've notice that almost all the time, without exception the movers and shakers of the world have belonged to fraternal organizations. So considering the entertainment business, ie: Hollywood, to be the world's culture creation business and the world's largest mass programing/predictive programming tool. Are you a freemason or do you belong to a fraternal (cfr, rosacrution, knight of malta, etc...) organization that we/I should know about.

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    I have long enjoyed your work so to start with thank-you for all you have done. One of my all time fav pieces is Something about Gilbert Grape. Do you in the near future or any time ever see you and John working together again. On your own you two are amazing but together I think you guys could make more then a classic it could replace Citizen Cane as that which all other movies are measured against.

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