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Would the new employer check my salary?

I’m planning to have my interview this week. I ’m working in financial institution. I have more than 5 years experienced and due to economic crisis I only received a raised twice. Knowingly today’s economy I have doubt that I will have the salary that I’m looking for. I want to know if the new employer will call my current employment and verify how much I have been making. I don’t want them to low blow me and getting the same or little raise. I want to start high so I can negotiate my salary.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Employment verification typically includes hire and termination date, plus starting and ending salary. If you're asked for a salary history, be honest as it's easily verified most of the time. I usually go with a range, being careful that my actual pay falls within the range. That allows some wiggle room for bonuses which often vary quite a bit from year to year.

    It's a fast and dirty "honesty" check and mis-stating your previous salary can result in no offer of employment being made by a prospective employer. They usually won't tell you why either, only that they found a "more suitable" applicant (assuming that they fill the position) or that you "are not a good fit" if the position remains unfilled.

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  • Judy
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    1 decade ago

    They might verify it, possibly by asking you to show them a W-2 or pay stub - obviously you wouldn't have to show it to them, but they wouldn't have to hire you either, and probably wouldn't if they asked and you refused.

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