18 year olds in nude sites who look under-age?

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Out of curiosity, I have looked at some of the 'naked teens' type sites on the net. The majority of the girls in these sites did look at least 18. However, there were a few sites were ...show more
Update : Since posting this question, I've read that some people want the ...show more
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ive seen sites and clips where the girls LOOKED about 11. and there are millions of guys out there that are obviously finding the "little girl" a turn on. which is encouraging peodphilia!!! its unbelieveable! there is nothing you can do to stop it like you cant stop murder! there needs to be rules similar to alcohol if you dont LOOK over 21 you arnt in the porno!

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This is a sensible suggestion. The minimum age for women to appear on these sites should be raised to 21, and the
women should also have to LOOK over 21.
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  • Cassius answered 6 years ago
    I dont think the law needs to be changed to stop this. I think there are a couple of annoying ammendments stopping you though.
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  • Lewis H answered 6 years ago
    If they're 18 there's nothing wrong if they aren't the site is punishable not the person because they were falsely told.

    If people have an interest in younger people then they will be more attracted to the "just turned 18" aspect of it, which is fine until they start going lower, then that's when the law kicks in. If they look younger there isn't much anyone can do, looks aredeceiving.
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  • egn18s answered 6 years ago
    The whole point of the laws against under-age pornography is to protect people that are considered too young and too immature to make good decisions about getting into the porn business. We don't want irresponsible young children to get taken advantage of. Therefore, there is no reason why an adult who looks like a child should need protection from these laws. No matter what they look like, if they are at least 18 years old, they are considered mature enough to make their own decisions.

    As far as general ethics goes- whose to say what's right and wrong with regards to sexuality? I mean, what's worse: looking at 18-year-old girls that look 15? Or looking at 15 year old girls that look 18? If a girl looks like an adult woman, how can you possibly blame adult men for finding her attractive, even if it turns out she's really 16? And if a grown woman looks like a teenager, does that mean that grown men shouldn't be interested in her?

    As long as the women on these porn sites are really legal adults, I don't think there is anything wrong going on.
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  • alibongo2000 answered 6 years ago
    How do you know any of these girls want to be on a site like you are describing?

    Many young girls get abducted and imprisoned only let out to do their captors bidding as and when they are needed. Do not believe every site are genuine as a lot of them will have underage girls made up with make up to look older. What I have described is a very brief form of trafficking where the victims are forced to appear nude for the benefit of men.

    If you have a conscience and you come across a site where they look younger than maybe you could report that site to the proper authorities.
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  • HITMAN answered 6 years ago
    What does it matter if they happen to be 16 as the law says 16 is the consenting age for sex.
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  • The Truth answered 6 years ago
    to be fair 16 and 18 are very close in age so nobady can exactly tell .
    A 14 year old could look 18
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  • yog_sothoth_the_gate answered 6 years ago
    if there 18 there 18 if people look younger than they are they are lucky i myself look older than my age and i know tonnes of people who look both younger and older.
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  • AL R answered 6 years ago
    If you don´t like it then don´t look.
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  • charlie answered 6 years ago
    I'm curious of WHY you were so curious in getting on a site like that to begin with?? Is your conscious bothering you?? I don't go on sites like that, and I get through life just fine?? Now why is that?? Maybe because your mind is in the gutter and your just trying to feel better about why you were there to begin with??? I mean really??? GET HONEST WITH YOURSELF and stop trying to cover it all up with acting concerned for these young ladies on there?? Your not concerned!!! Your just feeling guilty.
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  • Gaz answered 6 years ago
    If they are 18 then it doesn, matter what they look like, no law is being broken !!!!
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  • Marco M answered 6 years ago
    I'm proud to say that I'm not familiar with the kind of sites your writing about, but I have known teens who looked younger than their age. Also, the girls may not be from the USA. They might be from a place where laws are different. None of this excuses anything of course. As far as I'm concerned even if you're technically in compliance with the law you can still be promoting child-porn.

    Something I have seen, which I think is just as bad, is adult women posing as children -- hair in pigtails, licking lollipops, etc. I think those women need to understand that they're simulating child-porn, and that's just as bad..
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  • Shawt Stuff answered 6 years ago
    it is a little wrong. but its their bodies? if they want to exploit themselves and be stoop so low. let them be
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  • Big T answered 6 years ago
    I've clicked a few, and have chosen "teens" rather than anything else because one tends to get ladies who are "enhanced" or flabby, or otherwise less than "pretty" on other sites.
    Yes, some of then appear to be less than 18, but the disclaimers, which are enforceable in law, say they are not.
    I have no problem with pornography with consenting adults.
    Some women, even young ones, are making large amounts of money from it, and are (I have read some surveys but can't, off the top of my head, refer any of them) apparently quite happy about their "career".
    Some of them have become involved with pornography at about 18, and have gone on to produce their own pornographic sites, while still looking extremely young.
    I really don't think that the enjoyment of viewing some young (over 18) ladies on pornographic sites has any great consequence.
    Perhaps it might be better if the only images were "enhanced" or saggy breasted, flabby and obviously "professional" performers?
    The fact is that they are performers, and some of them appear to be young.
    What is the problem?
    Should it be stopped, bearing in mind that those performers have to give evidence of their age?
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  • EarthCalling answered 6 years ago
    Luckily, I had sisters and when we were 3 we bathed together, so I know what girls look like.
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  • toni r answered 4 months ago
    They say they are but many are not . The desire to view it does imply the desire to look at under age people and that implies being a pedophile. We all love to sugar coat things . Pedophilia is a condition where the preferred sexual partner is a child. Not all child molesters are necessarily pedophiles; some commit their crimes for other reasons, such as anger or revenge or "convenience" (the child is an easy target). Over 21 , that is their business but even over 21 people who portray them selves younger is doing it because some pig some where loves looking at teens or pre-teens.
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  • CC answered 6 years ago
    I'm sure who ever checks the I.D.s of these girls isn't encouraged to be too thorough.

    I'm sure even if some girls are 18, they're made to look younger and I find it sick that men would enjoy that.

    I don't think there is any way to change the laws unless it was said women in porn have to have grey hair and crows feet. It's just not going to happen.

    All we can do is to out reach to these communities and give these girls an exit strategy if they want it.
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  • The TrollShark™ Experience! answered 6 years ago
    Yes - it bothers me that men can SEE nude pictures of girls who LOOK like they're only 16, even though they're really 18.

    I say we pass a law to BLIND all men, so they can't see anything, legal or not.
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  • Elvis O answered 6 years ago
    Don't bother me not me looking at them.
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  • Sarah answered 6 years ago
    Some peopel are sick. I remember when I was at school about 14 or 15 and walking to school in my uniform van drivers would toot or whistle at me. As I was wearing my uniform the oldest I could be is 16, disgusting.
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  • divina answered 6 years ago
    Yes, this is foul and vile.

    And I agree with the poster who figures that a lot of this is forced.

    Find the websites about human trafficking, and see if they have a "contact" link.

    Forward the links to them.

    Good luck! You're a good guy.
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