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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicMusicClassical · 1 decade ago

What did John Bonham die of?

And do you also know what keith moon died of?

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    On September 25, 1980, John Bonham was picked up by Led Zeppelin assistant Rex King to attend rehearsals at Bray Studios for the upcoming tour of the United States, the band's first since 1977. During the journey Bonham had asked to stop for breakfast, where he downed four quadruple vodkas (roughly sixteen shots, amounting to about 2/3 imperial quart or 700 ml). He then continued to drink heavily when he arrived at the party. A halt was called to the rehearsals late in the evening and the band retired to Page's house, The Old Mill House in Clewer, Windsor. After midnight, Bonham had fallen asleep and was taken to bed and placed on his side. Benji LeFevre (who had replaced Richard Cole as Led Zeppelin's tour manager) and John Paul Jones found him dead the next morning. Bonham was 32 years old.

    Weeks later at the coroner's inquest, it emerged that in the 24 hours before he died, John Bonham had drunk forty measures of vodka which resulted in pulmonary edema - waterlogging of the lungs caused by inhalation of vomit. The death was ruled accidental. A subsequent autopsy found no other drugs in Bonham's body.[6] The alcoholism that had plagued the drummer since his earliest days with the band ultimately led to his death. John Bonham was cremated and on October 12, 1980 interred at Rushock Parish Church, Worcestershire. A cymbal sits in front of his headstone in his memory.


    Moon was Paul McCartney's guest at a film preview of The Buddy Holly Story on the evening of 6 September 1978. After dining with Paul and Linda McCartney, Moon and his girlfriend, Annette Walter-Lax, returned to a flat on loan from Harry Nilsson in Curzon Place, London (near Shepherd Market), where Moon died of an overdose of Clomethiazole (Heminevrin). The medication was a sedative he had been prescribed to alleviate his alcohol withdrawal symptoms as he tried to go dry on his own at home; he was desperate to get clean, but was terrified of another stay in the psychiatric hospital for in-patient detoxification. However, Clomethiazole is specifically contraindicated for unsupervised home detox due to its addictiveness, tendency to rapidly induce drug tolerance, and dangerously high risk of death when mixed with alcohol.[18] The pills were also prescribed by a new doctor, Dr. Geoffrey Dymond, who was unaware of Moon's recklessly impulsive nature and long history of prescription sedative abuse. He had given Moon a full bottle of 100 pills, and instructed him to take one whenever he felt a craving for alcohol (but not more than 3 per day). The police determined there were 32 pills in his system, with the digestion of 6 being sufficient to cause his death, and the other 26 of which were still undissolved when he died.[19] Moon died in the room in which Cass Elliot of The Mamas & the Papas had died four years earlier.

    Moon died a couple of weeks after the release of Who Are You. On the album cover, Moon is seated on a chair back-to-front to hide the weight gained over three years (as discussed in Tony Fletcher's book "Dear Boy"). The chair is labeled "NOT TO BE TAKEN AWAY."

    Moon was cremated. His ashes were scattered in the Gardens of Remembrance at Golders Green Crematorium in London.

    Source(s): wikipedia
  • pallet
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    5 years ago

    John Bonham Death

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Audicama I think is a little off-Bonham choked on his own vomit. KM died after taking 30 Hemenevrin pills which are used to combat alcoholism. Check Wikipedia and I think you will find this to be true.

    Oh by the way, did you know this is the classical forum and not classic rock?

  • 1 decade ago

    Bonham died of achohol posining. It was an insane amount. I know he had started the morning off with two or three pints of staight vodka.

    Moon died by choking on his own vomit from drinking and passing out.

  • didn't Keith Moon drive his car into a pool?

    i think he died of drug overdose

    and Bonham alcohol poisoning

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Both abusing their systems with alcohol or drugs !!! A lesson is that if ur a musician lead a clean life like the lord would have !!!! Pray for there demented souls !!!!

  • Samual
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    4 years ago


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Seems to me it was alcohol poisoning

  • 1 decade ago

    They both died of the same thing - stupidity. What a waste of talent. Too bad - really.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Little twist on an old joke:

    "Will the drummers and the musicians please leave the classical music (not classic rock) forum?"

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